Monday, January 29, 2007

Ally the Explorer

Thanks for all the well wishes, my daughters are fine now.

Since they are all physically well enough, we brought them to the "Explorer Kids" in Pasir Ris to workout all the extra energy.
Entry fee is $8 /hr per kid for non member, $6 for member.

Of course they are excited, although its the 2nd time Ally is going into this, I still want to follow her into it to make sure she can cope with it. I can depend on Isabel to help her but sometimes she might forget to do so.
At first I followed her through all the small tunnels and narrow opening, trying to help her along the way, protecting her from other older kids that are playing too rough around her.

I was panting like a dog, sweating like a pig by the time we completed the whole course. The 2 of them smiled and then dashed back into the maze after a quick drink.

I looked at the watch, its only been 10 mins, it felt like half an hour already.

Later as Isabel rested in a corner, Ally began to wander off by herself under my watchful eyes.

She tried the lower portion of the maze, climbing higher and higher. My wife was afraid that she might get knocked off by the older kids, or get her finger stepped on, but I said give her a chance to try on her own.

Level by level she climbed, no worries, no crying, discovering her abilities and practicing her motor skills... she was totally enjoying it on her own.

As she reached the highest level almost 2 storeys high. She came to face a very steep slope for sliding down, without showing any signs of hesitation, she plunged down the 20 feet slope laughing.

She's a tough cookie.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Amazing Coughing Family

There seems to have this powerful virus floating around nowadays, with a short incubation period but a long infection period.

I was on my way home on 6th Jan, I remember someone near me was coughing vigorously... one of those deep long coughs.

Next morning, I had the same deep long coughs with body aches and discomfort. By Monday, I had a fever of 39 c... for 3 days...

I took lots of precautions to ensure I don't share food or drinks with my daughters, wouldn't go near them or carry them. BUT... after a week, the virus finally got its next victim... Little Ally.

The poor girl coughed so bad that she couldn't eat or drink for a few days, fever hit a high of 40.3c. She was shivering cold on the outside, but burning hot on the inside. We rushed her down to the A&E in KK Hospital. Because of her history of heart condition, she was given priority to see the doctors.

X-ray was taken, medications was fed. Ally used to be very obedience when seeing doctors, but this time she was very irritable. She kicked and cried when the doctors wanted her to lie down for examination. She did the same to the x-ray techs...

For the next few days, the fever went up and down, but was rather mild. her cough was bad in the nights, tendency was that she'll cough till she threw up the phlegm.. and along with everything else in her little stomach.

One week after Ally got her episode of cough, it was Isabel to fall victim to the virus. Her fever was almost as high as Ally's, but she don't take it easily. She cried and whined and complained, hoping to get sympathy from everyone.

Because the last time she was sick, we let her sleep in our room so that she can use the toilet if she needs. So this time she automatically made arrangement to stay in our room for the night, making her little sister very jealous. Ally cried and bang on our door when the maid brought her to her room.

On the second night, I told her she's well enough to sleep in her own room, She immediately started to drama, telling me she got bad headache, she made a few wet and convincing coughs. But the worst was later she managed to vomit her milk within minutes of consuming.

So she made her point, no choice but to let her stay in our room for another night.

Finally, my lovely wife. She may not have bad fever, but she have been coughing about the same time as Isabel. She's strong enough to ignore it and continue to take care of the kids. Wonderful wife.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Internet Radio

Recently I discovered the fun of internet radio, I can listen to radio stations from around the world, anytime, anyhow.
I found this Pop Goes Asia radio station on the internet, it broadcasts asia's pop music from J-pop, T-pop (Thailand), C-pop (Chinese), K-pop (korea), etc. Really cool.

I remember when I was younger... very much younger... My father used his transistor radio and pulled the metal anntena really long, tried to receive radio signal from the neighbouring country.
The sound was very distorted, with much statics, but it was a lot of fun trying to fine tune the channel in order to make it as clear as possible.
On a good day, I may be able to hear news and music.
Nowadays, there are more than 10 local radio stations for our choice. Classic, Jazz, news, pop...
Varieties, varieties, varieties...

Monday, January 15, 2007

Ally's First Day in Nursery

My little baby is all grown up and ready for her first day of nursery class.

It was a last minute insertion as we called the school and enquired. The principal told us that they can have her included even they have started class more than a week.

As Isabel used to attend this school while she was 3 years old, her old uniforms will now be passed down to Ally... and it fits... even though Ally will only be 2 years old next month.

My wife took leave from work to stay with her in class, fearing she might not like the new environment and started crying. But not only did she NOT cry, she totally enjoyed herself in there.

In the evening when I saw her, I asked her about the school. She gave me a sweet little smile and started to sing the "goodbye song" she learned there. Its a familiar song to Isabel as she used to sing it too. Isabel was quick to point out Ally's mistake but I stopped her and let Ally finished the song. It may be out-of-tune, it may be unrecognizable words, but still it is music to my ears.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Flower girls

Isabel was asked to be "Flower Girl" in a wedding ceremony for my friend.
I was very excited, as its such an honor to be asked to do so. The night before, we practiced and practiced with the march-in song, making sure that the speed is just right.

Her gown was bought by a friend who's daughter, about same age as Isabel, is also the flower girl for the wedding. She also bought matching wings for all three girls, that's why Ally also joined in as a flower girl.

Her mommy bought a hair clip with a small veil, which she placed over her head pretending to be a bride. She thinks its funny, I do too, for a moment... I also realized that one day she will be walking down the aisle and I'll be sending her off to be someone's wife...

On the faithful day, My lovely wife prepared her for her "Big Day". I looked on... I know my wife is feeling the same way as I do. We both felt as if we were marrying her off today.

"Do I look pretty?"

The three little angels are like celebrities on the set, people came and asked to take their pictures or take with them. And I'm their manager... ha ha

I know Isabel was very stress throughout the waiting period, I asked her to smile for the camera, but her smile was getting weaker with every nearing minute to the actual march-in.

Just minutes before the march-in, she totally couldn't smile anymore. But I also know she has a sense of responsibility to complete the duty as a flower-girl, and no-matter what happens she will walk thru it.

As the doors opened, the Ally took a peep-in then walked in. She was a little faster then supposed which makes her walk very short.

But Isabel walked in slow and steady with perfect timing, although she's so stress till she forgot to throw the flowers in her basket. But she did very well.

I'm just so proud of her.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Never wear a new clothes without washing or checking any tags left on it.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Family Fun

Isabel finally got the present of her desire for the Christmas...

The whole set of a 3-wheels-scooter complete with helmet and elbow+knee guards.
And of course, there will be fights over the scooter.

Good thing is, Isabel loves her sister, she'll share the scooter with Ally and me... sometimes...

Last weekend, we brought the gang to the Pasir Ris Park.
Isabel did 2 things which she's very proud of...

1) She's able to ride the scooter freely in the park

2) She learned to swing on the swing without needing anyone to push her. It took her quite a while before she learned the technique, to "feel the rhythm", to "be one with the swing"...ha ha

I'm so proud of her.

These 2 weeks I noticed Ally starting to pick up a lot of words and using them correctly. Pronouncing may not be 100%, but understandable.

Sometimes she imitates me in the way I speak or lecture Isabel, then she'll use the same tone to talk to Isabel... Makes me flip...

But she is really is a joy to have around, she's smiling most of the time, obeys instructions, and she makes me laugh. I would even miss her while she sleeps at night.

When she was younger, she's like a super glue to my maid, every little thing she'll cry "Auntie!!! Auntie!!!"

But nowadays she'll cry "Daddy!!! Daddy!!!" I'm happy that she's closer to us again instead of the maid. For one, is because the maid's contract will be ending soon. I know she'll have a hard time adjusting to another maid.

Or, we may not get another maid...