Saturday, September 24, 2011

Quick dish: #1 Green Curry Chicken

As a working mother, it is always a challenge for me to cook a decent meal for my family. I'm always racing against time.

I have also thought of the easy way out, that is to pack dinner home... or just eat out.

But it is my girl's encouragement and compliment that keeps me going.

This will be my first post for quick dish. It will also serve as a reference for myself and maybe for my girls when they grow up.

I was in the mood for curry few days ago. Had decided to cook green curry chicken for dinner tonight.

It was a very simple and easy dish that only took me 20min to complete.

You will need:
- 2/3 of a medium size chicken (chop to pieces and removed the skin)
- 6-7 lady's finger and cut to 2 pieces each.
-1 medium size brinjal and cut to small pieces
-1 cup (300ml) low fat milk
Most importantly, you will need a packet of the special paste of the green curry.

The instructions for cooking the curry is just right behind the packaging and it's so simple to follow.

I actually added 1.5 table spoon of sugar to the curry to make it less spicy for the girls.

This pot of green curry is just nice to serve my family of 4.

Bel is always my no.1 supporter whenever I cook this dish.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Trip to Animal Resort

It was one of those usual saturday morning when we went to Jalan Kayu and have our favorite prata. After breakfast, we decided to bring the kids to the nearby animal farm.

The girls were welcome by a flock of geese. They were all after the girls for the bread that they are holding!

Here's a video of the girls feeding the geese!

YouTube Video

Jared feeding the rabbits.

Can you count the number of bunnies below?

Ans: ???

So cute little fellows.

Ally: Don't worry, Jie Jie is here.

It was a fulfilled Saturday morning and the kids had enjoyed themselves. Too bad, I heard the farm will be gone to make way for new housing development in another 1-2years.

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Location:Seletar farmway

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Are Fats Good?

One of the way to keep myself awake while studying in the night is "snacking." Lately while coaching Bel for her CA2, I decided to reward her with potatoes chips. As we were both munching on the chips.... We had a little conversations.

Bel : Mommy, are fats good?

Me: Well, it depends.

Bel: Can you name one benefit of fats?

Me: It helps to keep your body warm!

(Bel gazes at me for a while)

Bel: Mommy, are you feeling warm all the time?

Me: !!!

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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Happy Birthday Singapore

This year Singapore is celebrating 46th Birthday. I'm glad to be able to attend the NDP for the 1st time at Float @ Marina Bay.

I was lucky to be able to get drawn for 4 tickets on the rehearsal performance. Didn't opt for the actual day because the kids would then be able to watch on TV on the actual day.

We were there as early as 4.30pm although the parade only starts at 6pm.

This year theme is : Majulah! It means the Singapore Spirit. To me, Majulah would mean everyone standing together as One People, One Nation, One Singapore! I am just so proud to be a Singaporean.

The performances were awesome! The organizer had did a good job in ensuring that we (audience) will be entertained both by the emcee, the fantastic musical that show cast the history of singapore and the big bag of goodies sponsored by the various organization.

Once again, Happy Birthday Singapore! And Happy Birthday to my father in law as he is also born on 9 August.

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Saturday, August 06, 2011

I'm now an IPhone user...

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Isabel 1st exposure to vegetarian food

Vegetarian Chicken Rice...

Mommy: Isabel what did you have for lunch today (Bel was in Church today attending some children workshop)

Bel: (paused for a while) I had vegetarian chicken rice and teacher told us the chicken meat is "fake" one.

Mommy: Is the food yummy?

Bel: I only ate the rice and the 2pcs of cucumber, I threw away all the chicken meat.

Mommy: Why did you do that?

Bel: I'm scare to eat them cos I thought maybe they were made of plastic since they are fake!

I almost fell from my chair when I heard her reply. Maybe, the children church teacher should have explain to them that the meat is make of glutton rather than they are "fake".

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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Conquering 1.6km

22 May 2011
It was like a usual Sunday morning and we were all up and ready to leave house by 7am. When we reached Padang, there was already a huge crowd gathering in the field.
Bel was scheduled to run at 7:45am for her category.

Bel seems nervous before the start of the race. We kept encouraging her to go for her best timing as this was only her first race.

Ally was also there to support her sister.

Ready... Get set... Go!

Isabel completed her 1.6km in 9 min 10 secs. Her best personal best so far. Well done!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Running the Race

Isabel will be running in the coming Cold Storage Kids Run '11 for the first time.

She had registered for the 1.6km run for her 9-10yrs category.

She was rather excited and had started training with Daddy to run on alternate days.

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