Saturday, March 20, 2010

Genting Highlands

Its been 3 years since we've been to Genting Highland.

A few days before the trip, we watched the video recording of the last trip back in '07. The kids look so small and cute, Ally could hardly speak yet.

This year the Genting trip involved 11 persons of 3 families including 6 adults 5 kids, age range from 3 - 8 years old. Basically the whole trip is about them.

At 6.15am, we grabbed a cab and headed to Golden Miles Complex to catch the coach which departed at 5 mins before 7am. The journey will take 7 hours including toilet break and brunch break.

Although the kids were excited, but they soon fell asleep in the coach after we've crossed the immigration customs. The secret is their own personal comfort pillow which almost guarantee to make them sleep at any place and situation.

The first stop an hour and a half after going through the Malaysian immigration custom, was the usual popular Yong Peng, the eating place. It has many stalls selling varieties of food. One thing I have to say I'm fairly impressed is that the owner of this place really emphasized on the cleanliness of the toilet there. There is a person in every toilet, his/her job is to constantly mops and flushes the place, making sure the place has no odor at all.

Reaching the top of the mountain after half hour of upward winding road which makes us nausea and light headed. We were told that the queue to check-in was 2 hours long. We than decided to take a number and bring the kids to enjoy the indoor theme park.

The thing about going to a place like Genting, is that we have already set our mind to expect a long queue in every ride we take. The popular ones would take us 40 mins, the less popular ones would be around 20 mins. But each ride would ends in minutes, unless its those slow train rides that goes around the perimeter.

The kids have grown up, but some things still don't change yet. They still like the Merry-Go-Round. But because of their height, they now can ride something much more thrilling...

Isabel can now drive the bigger bumper car, sit in the Cyclone roller coaster, the Viking and also...

The Spinner

Its a giant spinning machine that spins 50 thrill seekers sitting on metal seats hung by metal chains attached to the top. Its the first time both of them took such ride, the moment they came down, they wanted to queue for it again. For me, I really don't have the stomach to do it twice in a row.

Dinosaur Land

There are also those slower rides for the entire family, like the boat ride in Dinosaur Land which takes you to a cave of almost total darkness putting up a display of the land before time.

Junior Bumper Car

One of the hot favorite for the younger kids. I guess its a way that to release aggression in them through a less destructive way. Bumping and knocking into each other on purpose which they are not suppose to do on normal days. Or the intoxicating thrill of having a total control of a machine making them come back for more.

Genting is a nice place to take a short break. I remember it used to be much colder than this, but this time with a clear sky... I got a sun burn.

The equipment are old some are even dirty, the attitude of the staff is lousy. But I guess with the amount of tourist pouring in everyday, the amount of cash they are raking... they would think... "Why bother?". Kids certainly aren't bothered, they are self-entertaining. Then as long as the kids are entertained, the parents would be happy too.

For the kind of price we are paying, I guess it should be considered worth the money.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Seasonal Flu

When they say "Seasonal Flu" usually it means that by that time of the year, the bug will spread like wild fire and doctors will be very happy cos it bonus time for them.

Every year around this time between Feb - Apr, I'll fall sick. As I can recall, I visited the doctor last year in March, I still have the MC to show for. Again in March 08, I was down with bad cough as posted. I was even hospitalized for a bad viral reaction in April 07.

Now in 2010... it happened again. I've caught the flu from my son who got it from the new child care centre.

It took him 2 weeks to get well, it took me more than a week to be better.

For me, a flu with running nose will develop into sinus, this will develop low grade fever and headache which will not go away by sleeping or taking pills. It will become so bad that it causes insomnia. Forcing me to be drifting in and out of restless sleep.

All is well... today the headache is finally subsiding, I had a better sleep last night. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw younger looking me... ha ha