Monday, August 20, 2012

Mommy is Back to School!

It had been 17 years since I step into the "Working World".
This year, I decided to make a drastic decision to go back to school. This decision does not come easy. It actually took me 2 years to "think" and pray about it. And I do thank God and my institution for the opportunity and believing in me.
Finally, the day has come (6th August 2012) and I am now officially a student. For the next two years, NUS will be my second home.
Many friends had sent me SMS of blessing and told me to enjoy my student life. And I thought to myself that it can't be that difficult being a student. There's only one KPI (Key Performance Index) that is to study and pass the exam :p. Unlike working, we will definitely have more than 1 KPI to achieve. In fact, this is what I often tell my girls....

During the first week, I was constantly reminded by seniors and lecturers that being a Master student, it is all about adult learning. And after just one week in school, I am beginning to understand the true meaning of "Adult learning". It does involves lot of self directed learning and reading. And being away from school for the past decade tells me that I do have a lot of catch up to do. For someone like me who doesn't really enjoy reading, this two years is going to be a real tough.

The other challenge i face is carrying these thick textbooks between school and home. Just the pathophysiology and the Physical examination text itself already weights 3.6kg!!!

To date, I have already been given 2 presentations and assignment to do. So, if NUS is my second home, then library will definitely going to be my bedroom with the textbooks as my pillows.