Friday, February 23, 2007

People might get all excited about the Chinese New Year, but as far as I know, its the most tiring holidays of the year.

Before the new year, its all the preparation shopping and decoration and shopping...

Then... during the 3 days, we have to squeeze as much places to visit as possible, followed by friends gathering at our place. Which means got to prepare all the food and drinks.

Good thing was, my brother-in-law lend us his car as he sees us needing it more than he does. So at least the kids can nap in the car and rest in between visits.
The 2 girls have such different personality; Isabel will hide behind us and wave at strangers to say hello whereas Ally will come forward and shake their hands without being told. She just observed us doing it, and naturally she thought its the right thing to do.

But the kids are really obediently disciplined when it comes to snacking and drinks. They know that they have cough, so they avoided cold drinks all throughout the days. Even when offered, they will kindly decline saying: "I cough cough"

When friends visited us, we can see that over the years, more and more "members" were added.
Interesting things is, it seems always more fun to play other children's toys. They will come and ransack the place for anything that looks remotely like a toy.

Sometime in all the excitement, accident happens. This little girl was jumping on my sofa, tripped and fell off the back of it... head first. Hit the floor with a "Clunk".

I remember Isabel did the same stunt a year and a half ago. Her bump was bigger, she cried and kicked so hard, we had to hold her down to apply the medicated oil.

Isabel and Ally are trained to give us the ang bao whenever they received it. They know no value of it. Which is why Isabel preferred Christmas rather than CNY. She gets lost of presents for X'mas, but gets nothing for these few tiring days.

Kids are practical too.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lunar New Year Looney

Its Spring Time!!!
Or rather is spring cleaning time!

Chinese new year has a good custom, that is to throw away any old and unwanted, replace it with brand new.

It symbolises the going away of the bad luck, incoming of good luck

But in a way it created tons of rubbish, trash were thrown everywhere.

Every corner of the corridor is a place for the lazy bums to place their unwanted items instead of bringing it down to the refuse collection point.

Believe or not, there are people who will go through other people's rubbish, and salvage it for themselves. Like they say: "A man's rubbish is another man's treasure"

Guess what all these people are queueing for?

Buy ToTo? 4-D? collect freebies?

Nooooooo... The Queue that stretches of 30m, easily 60 person in the queue. They are buying "Bak Guah" the fragrant BBQ pork, from a particular store in Chinatown. The once-a-year popular "Lim Chee Guan"
I really don't know what's the crazed about, but the queue is there everyday for the whole of the Pre-Chinese new year period.

This old street busker usually wears singlet and shorts with wooden slippers, but for this occasion he is dressed in his best for the tourists. I never understood a single word he sang, he's not even in tune.

This stall sells melon seeds, they are known as king of melon seeds.

Shoppers are allowed to taste / sample their products before buying, but people take advantages of them. Many grab hand full after hand full of melon seeds and walked off without looking back. Kids watching such behaviour from the adults did the same thing. Not to mention the shells thrown on the floor... yucks!!!

2 days before the new year... 1.20am in the morning...
What am I doing?

Shopping for groceries of course!

Why? Because supermarkets and coffee shops and anywhere that sells food will be closed for 3 days. Unless I eat at MacDonald's every meal.

Well... Happy New Year to all

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ally's 2nd Birthday

It Ally's Birthday!

Every one of her birthday is so special to us... not that Isabel's is not special, it just that Ally went through more at the beginning of her birth.

One day after she was born, she was diagnosed to have a heart problem which the veins was formed in the wrong position, fresh blood was going to the wrong chamber, her organs were not getting enough oxygen. Doctors said she won't live more than 48 hours if an open heart surgery was not done immediately.

Hearing that, our heart sank to the lowest, we signed whatever papers of consent they shoved into our faces and gave the permission to start it ASAP.

Watching her cry without a sound was the hardest part, her face was in agony, but yet she made no sound because of the tube in her throat, we couldn't carry her to console her because of the ten over tubes and wires in and out of little body. The feeling of utter helplessness is so overwhelming.

My church prayed for her during the operation. Of course the operation was a success, and miraculously, she only stayed in the hospital for a week after the surgery.

For all her follow-ups, doctors have checked and found nothing wrong with her, she's now as healthy as any other kids.

She is a living testimony of God's goodness and a reminder to us of God's love.

Ally started the celebration at my parent's place, receiving a big red packet from the grandparents.

Isabel is also very excited for her sister.

Ok... I know they were in pajamas, my maid bathed and changed them too early.

Helpful big sister cutting the cake for her. You should see the video, she waited patiently for the song to be over, then puffed the candles one by one. Very cute.

Me the proud daddy, my lovely wife and my 2 beautiful daughters.

Next day, we continued the celebration at my in-law's place. Her uncle gave her a party hat to put on, which she refused to take off for the rest of the day. My fater-in-law specially flew in early from vietnam to celebrate her birthday.

Curious little Ally eyeing on the M&Ms and Cadbury chocolate. This cake was a gift made by a friend staying nearby. I'm asking him to go pro, so he can sell his creativity. He's also a great cook... Western, Eastern, Mediterranean...etc...Mama mia!!!

See? She's still wearing the party hat, even after we've reached home.

One of her favourite toys she got for present is the stroller which comes with the baby complete with a bag full of accessories. She would feed the baby, pat her to sleep... motherly instinct.

Happy Birthday Ally...
Daddy and Mommy loves you very much.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

This coming Sunday is Ally's 2nd Birthday, although she hasn't got the slightest idea yet, but she's been asking for presents none-the-less.

Ally: "Daddy I wan present!!!"

Me: "You want present? What present?

Ally: "Monkey present"

Me: "???"

Ally: "Monkey present"

Me: "Ooohh! Many Presents..."

She, under the influence of the older sister, likes to browse the catalogues from Toys"R"Us.
The dynamic duo will either sit on the sofa or in the toy house and "discuss" about toys.

... *Sweat*...

She also likes to ride on the back my bicycle which has a child seat attached to it. She likes it so much, now she wants her own bicycle.

For many days already, she's been asking for a bicycle...

Ally: "I wan bi-ee-kel"

Me: "You want a bicycle? Ok, Daddy buy."

Isabel: "Daddy! I also want a bicycle, a bigger than Ally's one"

... *Faint*...

Me: "You already got a scooter for birthday, its only been 3 months"

Isabel: "But I also want bicycle!"

Me: "No... you'll share with Ally"

For sure we'll be getting new clothes and toys for Ally, all she has now are "Hand-me-down" items from her elder sister.

I love to see her face shines when she receives presents.