Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I'm just plain HAPPY!!!

Happy happy happy!!!

Company not giving bonus? Never mind... still happy
No increment? ... also still happy.

I'm happy becos Ally just did her ECO scan to check her heart, its been 6 months since her major heart opt. Doctor gave her a clean bill of health, he even cancel the next check up

Praise the Lord!!!

Monday, August 29, 2005

Ever watch the reality program "Fear Factor" and puke seeing them eat worms and cockroaches???
Well... Isabel did.

We were watching it on AXN channel after dinner (why did they put such show during dinner time?). When it comes to the part where the contestant have to eat live worms and roaches to win extra cash, suddenly Isabel felt disgusted and puked her dinner out

She has always been easily disgusted by such things, even at her own soiled diapers. She would refuse to touch diapers from her sister, running away like Superman seeing Krytonite.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ally has began to learn to explore the new world of our living room... she started sitting in the walker, pushing herself back anf forth, pulling down cushions and thuging at dangling wires.

Once, I found her tugging the rubbish bag and chewing joyfully.

She is such a bundle of joy for us.

Everyday when she sees me, she'll kick her legs and smile, stretching her hands for me to carry.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My maid should star in the new Singapore horror movie "The Maid"she is the best candidate for the role... reason? : She claims that can see "them" at times.
Ooooooo.... Eerie

It all happened very recently...

But I put a stop to it, nipped it while its it a bud. I gave her a good polishing before she use it to scare our children.

This kind of things, if you believe, it will be there. If you don't believe, it will never appear.

I personally like to watch horror movies, not the gore type like the American style, but the Japanese eerie style, commonly known as J-horror. Scare the sh*t out of me... love it.

I was fooled by the carefully designed trailers of some Korean horror movies, they look so scary on TV ad, but its a really a boring show when watched.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Always finish your antibiotics...

Please take my advice. If you ever get sick (touch wood) and you are given antibiotic by the doctor, do finish it as told.

I was pretty sick 2 weeks ago, down with flu and cough. The doctor gave me five days worth of antibiotic told me specificly to finish it. But feeling better after 2 days, I totally stopped poping the pills and went back to my routine. Although there's still signs and syptoms like mucus and phlem, I though my good old body can fight it off by it self.

But 2 weeks later it lost the battle, I am now down with the flu again.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Some people say my Ally looks like the baby from certain diaper advertisment. One even thought she is the baby from the brand... (she almost asked for her autograph).

But if anyone got any kang tao to let Ally be a real Ad star, please leave your name and number in the comment section, her manager will call you shortly.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Is it true that its easier for pregnant ladies & women carrying babies to get seats than man with babies?

NNnnnnnoooooo!!!! Its just as impossible...!!!

Singaporeans don't give up seats for people who needs them any more. from the way they step on toes to get into the train before passengers comes out, shows that they are very hard up for a seat. why would they give it up?

Singaporeans see the MRT seats as their bed, they will close their eyes, and pretend to sleep so that they are oblivious to world beyond their skin. So that its not their fault when some pregnant lady stand in front of them and not have a seat. "Hey... I had my eyes closed, how do I know?" Yeah right, very convenient.

I noticed that if they don't get a seat within the first 30 secs when they entered the train, their window period of opportunity is over. They can stand from Pasir Ris to Boon Lay for all they care... no seats means no seats, some times they have to fight for it with some young people... tsk tsk tsk...

I walked in to the train umpteen times with a baby in my arms, nobody ever gave up their seats, maybe only once, but that's only becos I stared at him for 5 whole mins until he can't take it anymore. But in general, men don't get seats for carrying child in hand. Its like...:"You're a men... be a men."

Friday, August 12, 2005

We were at this fancy restaurant having a quiet buffet dinner when we saw this family sitting next to our table. The mother, in her mid to late 30s, seems to very concerned with her already well kept figure... she only eats boiled beans. Her plate was a full mountain of it and nothing else...

We were think:"Wah... come to a $30+++ buffet just to eat boil beans... very "loogi" leh."

Later, she helped herself to a bigger plate of salad. Then I said: "Wha... like keeping a cow, eat grass only...hahahahaha."

By the time we left our table, she was last seen eating raw salmon. But the thing is I admire her discipline, in a room filled with delicacies, she's able to have the determination to resist the temptation just to eat healthily, I would have attacked the fried chicken before they lay the table for me.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


We wanted to teach Isabel patriotism, so we decided to bite the bullet and bring her to the site where there is a National Day celebration going on. The nearest is Tampines, which we happened to obtain tickets for the Funpacks.

Basically the idea was to be dressed in red... so we all dressed in red tops and white bottom, (which I don't have, the closest thing is only a pair of brown jeans) put on a red cap... sit under the sun and wait for the parade to begin.

Imagine being in that color... in that temperature of 35 degrees C...No joke ok... sweat was coming down like waterfall. Every other adult went there becos they want to show patriotism for their kids to learn. But with that kind of weather, they were grouchier than Oscar the grouch from Sesame Street.

There was this lady sitting behind us keeps shouting:"The guy in front don't know he's very tall!!!" obviously that was not meant for me, I'm only 1.72m, the guy in front of me must be at least 1.85m, furthermore, I was already seated. After shouting a few times, the guy in front was too embarrassed to stand there anymore, so he moved to the aisle to block my mother-in-law. Ha ha ha


Each year the organizer give away Funpacks for people to enjoy. This year the pack got heavier... Complete with 2 bottles of isotonic drinks, 1 packet drinks, torch and flag, magazine etc etc, and some other things that makes alot of annoying sound.
My wife got 7 coupons, so she exchanged for 7 funpacks, each weighing more than 3 kg. I had to carry 5 of them back to the car 1 km away. (pant pant)

The celebration was basically having 5000 people sit in a big open space under the sun, to watch a giant TV so that when its our turn to be on TV, we just wave the flags and torches and make a lot of noises like a bunch of mad people. Other than that, we are to sit and watch the big TV. Wheee... fun... yawn...

The main highlight was the fire works, which we get to watch live next to the big screen. It not huge, nothing fancy... but its the atmosphere that's important. Everyone was going "OOOooo... Aaahhhhh... Wwhhaaa..."

We hurriedly left the place once the last trail of spark burnt to the ground.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Ally celebrated the National Day in the pool, she just had her first swim this morning. She must be thinking "why am I in a giant bath-tub?" We didn't prepare her swimming costume, we just dip her in anyway. she wasn't afraid at all, unlike her big sister... the older she gets the more fearful of water she becomes. Ally seems to like the water. I didn't submerge her in the water yet like I did when Isabel was 4 months old, maybe next time...

Her big sister started swimming at the age of 4 months, but Ally just started at the age of 6 monhts.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

With the combined power of husband and wife, we embarked on a new project... to paint the whole house...

It didn't take long for us to decide on the colours, we both wanted something BOLD... like those we see in the showroom or those fancy magazines... black walls with red ceiling... 1 green + 3 blue walls... Whatever it is, its going to be different...

My room... must back to nature, on the WILD side... so I have 1 dark brown with 3 light brown.
The girls room will bring out the sweetness and loveliness in them. it will be pink and red.
The study will be cool and soothing to the eyes, lime green suits best.
The living room must have tranquility a place of relaxation... it shall be of light grayish brown.

Sounds colourful yah??? Hehehe... but it very tiring to do all this on our own. But the result is rewarding.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Most people look at me, they'll think I got a strict diet... exercise a lot... a typical health freak wannabe. Yeah... I used to be one. Now, I'm struggling to keep my hands off the Char Kuay Teow. In fact, I'll have one plate every week, followed by one plate of Chicken Rice every week. Also those Kong Bah Bao is ever so mouth watering. mmmm..... Not to mention the Laksa...

Last night I had another episode of 'snack-attack'. I obeyed by craving for a bowl of steaming hot instant noodle... at 1 am... my wife always wondered why the instant noodles disappeared so fast.

Its been a year since I've cancelled the membership of the gym, I've not been exercising regularly... my 'buns of steel' is now 'buns of cottons', the wash board abs is now good for cushioning when my daughter sits on me.

But hey! I can still do 60 push-ups and 20 chin-ups in one go if anyone is up for a challenge.

I just want to let myself go for a year, enjoy food without taking out a calculator to check on the calories count. Taste what I've been missing so far.

Next week! I'll start a strict diet and regiment exercising program to get back in shape, I've promised my wife I'll get a Gold award for this year's IPPT... somehow...

Good la...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ally now wears a new hair do... thanks to my wife's skillful hands, her trendy unbalanced frindge becomes the main highlight.

My 2 Princesses were at a friend's 2 year old daughter's birthday party. Isabel loves parties, especailly those held in Macdonald.

I don't mind it either... free food free drinks, eat all you can, the kids are taken care of. I just sit back and relax and watch the bunch of monkeys climb all over the poor game master... She really has her hand full, screaming kids, crying kids, kids pulling her shirt asking for toys... all that for $3.50 an hour. Life is tough.