Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Violinist

Isabel started her violin lesson 2 weeks ago

I remember when I was a primary school kid, it was compulsory to buy a "Recorder". A flute like musical instrument that cost $5 from the Emporium departmental store. Teacher would teach us to play music with it.

I would play annoying sound from it, but as I practiced more, it gets more annoying...

But now Isabel is in primary 1, she has chosen violin lesson as her CCA. This is partly due to seeing her cousin perform on the stage once.

I'm not sure what she wants to achieve, but if she's interested, of course i won't stop her. Although right now, she is more interested in show off her violin than to practice it.

Her practice may sound annoying now, but I believe she should have more talent than I do.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Ally

Ally has watched her big sister celebrated her birthday in school twice, now its finally her turn.

She just celebrated her 4 year old birthday with her new friends in the Nursery Class of the schools Isabel used to attend.

The teacher-in-charge told us to be there by 8.55am in time for their recess. We were on time, but the class came down early, they were already seated and ready to eat. Later in the afternoon, Ally told me that she wanted to cry when she didn't see us at the eating area.

We came and placed the cake in front of her and the teachers gathered the children for photo taking followed by singing the birthday song.

Isabel came with us as she's attending the afternoon class of Primary 1. The Principle of the SKMCC was so glad to see Isabel, and so was Isabel coming back to her favorite place.

Ally being a good host started to serve all the rest of the children. She likes all the attention, the sing song and blowing candles, but she doesn't like to eat cake.

That night we brought her to Swensen for the one thing she can't resist... Ice-Cream. Especially chocolate ice cream.

Happy birthday Ally, I wish you good health and happiness.

God Bless.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Chinese New Year

Well... Happy belated Chinese New Year to all you beautiful people out there.

This year I must admit that the atmosphere has not been as good as the last year's. But none-the-less, we still decorate the house and do what we chinese do during the period so to instill the traditional ideas into the young minds of my 2 girls.

Isabel is more aware of the value of the red packets that she's receiving this year, its little Ally that would leave them here and there instead of keeping it properly. I think she lost a couple of them by the end of the 2 days.

Chinese new year is all about visitations, respecting the elders, gathering of old friends... Although in Singapore, there isn't as much tradition as the Chinese in China, but we are coming up with our own like the 捞鱼生 thingy which is nowhere to be found in the world.

I hope that everyone will see to it that our next generation will not lose touch with our root.