Monday, August 28, 2006

My wife bought an almost new O2 Atom and started in explore with its endless possibilities. She compressed children shows and saved them into it... why?... So that its an entertainment for the kids on the go.

My younger princess is rather restless when we take long trips on the train, but now she can sit watch her favorite shows and stay quiet.

I've seen parents bring along a portable DVD player and set it on the table in front of their kids, in a restaurant and the kids glued their eyes to the set throughout the mealtime.

I really don't agree to that kind of table manners... no communication, no interaction... meal time is a very good way of learning the art of conversation and get to know family, they shouldn't let kids watch TV... on the table... *sigh...*

Eating well is important but exercising is just as important too.
Isabel is very good in hanging on the bar, she can almost do chin-up without assistance. I started training her when she was 3 months old, at 6 months, she is able to hang on to my thumbs for a minute... in mid-air.

But I was not able to train Ally as she had a heart operation when she was 2 days old. But some how she is almost as strong as the sister, just can't hold on as long as her.

I think I also need to workout again, this picture makes me a little flabby...

Anyway... I heard that letting kids walk on balancing beam help them to find their sense of balance... and Ally enjoy doing it too.

Next time I'll post those pictures of how I trained Isabel... not for people with weak heart :)

Friday, August 25, 2006






Watching kids grow is fun... They seems to have no worries, so carefree...

When they go to school... we have a new set of worries to worry about. Even before getting them to school... Enrolling is a big obstacle many new parents have to face here.

Every child by the age of 7 will start their compulsory Primary education. Meaning by age of 6, the parents will try to enroll them to their desired schools. Some will prefer a school near their home, some will prefer a school with a good reputation.

But our enrolling system works in a way whereby if you already have a child in that school or have studied in the school, his/her siblings will enter with ease.

If the parents are former students of the school, or a member of the alumni of that school, their children will also enter the school with ease too.

If parents are staffs of the school... that goes without saying...

If the parents are volunteer in the school, or members of a church or clan directly connected with the school, or parents are endorsed as an active community leader, their child will have no problem going in.

So it seems like enrolling is so easy, where's the obstacle?

Well, the difficult part is when you are neither of the above...

I have friends who are in that catergory, and boy... were they stress.

Imaging having to compete with near 300 parents, for less than 230 seats... Many will smile, some will cry. Its not a pretty sight.

One of my friend was so happy to enter the school of their choice, immediately packed their bags and went Genting Highland for a few days of celebration.

Some parents in order to avoid disappointment, planned years ahead. Either they move to a house within a kilometer of the school, or they will volunteer their time in the school, or be a member of church/clan.

Well, I can tell you, I may not in the privileged group, but I am NOT planning to wait and be disappointed. I can't say out what I have in mind, but for sure it should get my girls in the school of my choice.

*Muahh ha ha ha ...* (Lightning...Thunder...)

Monday, August 21, 2006

Picky Eater III

Some time ago, I posted Picky Eater and Picky Eater 2 half year ago, that's when I started to experiment on the method taught by Child Experts.

Now half a year later, there has been improvement from her, but there are times when she is still quite impossible...

definitely... there is no more blood boiling screams and shouts with threatening of cane and punishments.

She will eat till she says she is full and can't finish anymore, but sometimes she wants to go play or watch TV, she'll eat 2 mouth full and calls it quit. That's when the bargaining will come in.

Isabel: "Daddy... I'm full already..."

Daddy: "You ate too little, please finish it..."

Isabel: "Nooooo... I can't finish..."

Daddy: "Yes you can, at least half of it."

Isabel: "But half is still to much..."

Daddy: "ok 6 more spoons."

Isabel: "3 spoons"

Daddy: "No 5"

Isabel: "4"

Daddy: "How about all?"

Isabel: "ok la ok la, 5 la"

But on a good day, she can polish up quite a lot. which makes me very happy. But she still has an issue about eating vegetables... Once vegetable is in her mouth, she can take 10 minutes to chew... do you know what vegetables being chewed for 10 minutes looks like? I would not want to post it up. But believe me, its not recognizable anymore... But she still feel not able to swallow.

I have to call upon the service of the Supernanny for help, she might not fly from England to here, but her book will come in handy.

Monday, August 14, 2006


Saturday was the last day of "Fireworks Competition" happening downtown at the Esplanade.

We decided to bring the kids to view this spectacular once a year event as an outing for them.
But instead of heading towards the jam-packed river side, we placed ourselves in the open space of the Marina Park at the other side of the river.

We brought dinner and games to entertain the kids as we were there 3 hours before the Fireworks starts. I tell you... its not easy to entertain the kids for 3 hours without TV. They got inexhaustible energy... run after the ball, play bubbles, chase after kite.

When it gets dark and crowded, we have to keep them close to us. Its even more difficult to keep them occupied.

There was hardly any wind and the air was really humid. It was a bad idea to dress the kids in jeans... that's why Ally ended up in diaper only.

The Park was not very popular as it is very out of the way and inconvenience without a car. But I remember coming here with my wife before we were married... took train, took bus, walked few hundred meters just to get here for a stroll.

Those were the days... Unstoppable.

Its still as beautiful as ever, the park has a pond with a fountain in it, if you stand in the right direction and let a strong wind blow towards you, you'll get all wet... ha ha

The fireworks started promptly at 9pm, a dazzling display of well coordinated explosions with arrays of colors.

Throughout the 15 mins display, my maid was vey quiet, later I found out that it was the first time in her life she ever saw fireworks, she was simply amazed...

The kids loved it... a lot of "oooh! Aahh!" from the audience, some even clapped in appreciation.

This car was spotted parking on the grass patch as all lots are taken. The driver was desperate enough to risk a "summon" in order to see the fireworks.

As expected, after the show it was a mad rush to the cars and try to be the first one to leave in order to beat the jam. We had our car parked near the exit of the car park but still could not make it out fast enough. It was almost an our before we cleared from there, then it was another hour of slow traffic to the expressway.

The children were well asleep before we reached home.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Believe it or not...

The other day I was walking to the mall with Isabel, I think God just reminded me that Isabel and Ally are His gift to me and my wife, we have to take good care of them. Ultimately God does have great plans for them.

Then I looked at her... holding my hand, a small little girl of almost 4 years old, having complete trust and faith in me in everything I do, believing everything I say or teach her. Suddenly I couldn't believe that I have really become a father...

Sometimes I don't know if I'm able to be a good father to them, but if God says "Yes", then I'll say "Amen". Trust not in my own understanding but really trust God to see me through.

I'm quite strict with the elder one, simply because she is the first born, there is a reason why God placed her to be the first child... Therefore I have to place a firmer foundation in her so that she will be a good sister, a good leader, a good example to the younger one.

One day she'll understand...

One day they'll know how much I love them...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

At the Airport

As I was saying, my wife was in KL for a week.
On the day she's arriving back, we went to the airport to fetch her.
As we were there rather early, we went for a walk around looking anything interesting and also took pictures.
We walked passed a little florist stall on the Departure level, and there I bought a Daisy for Isabel to present to her mother when she arrives.
She thought of a few ways to do the presentation:

First it was "In the pocket" casual style.

Second it was "Shy girl with flower" style

Finally it was the "Nah! Give you" style

Whatever she used, mommy will still be happy to receive it from her.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Hi Mommy!!!

My lovely wife is in Kuala Lumpur this week.
She can't receice MMS from Singapore, so I have to post up in for her.
Everything is fine here, no worries...
I also recorded the 7pm show for you every night, the show really getting dramatic.
We love you.
We miss you
See you soon.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Morden Living

Children living urban live style don't get much exercise. They don't have much running space, every few meters will be roads and traffic. That's why I always bring them to the playground when ever I can. They love the space and the physical climbing and perspiring.

In the whole estate that I stay, there is only ONE place that has a couple of swings installed in the playground. Its very popular even among teenagers.

"The Swing is empty!!! RUN FOR IT!!!"

"Daddy please push me..."

Like I said, the swing is very popular. So everyone takes turn to play. There will be an unofficial queue next to it with few sulky-looking children staring at the person on the swing as if the person has been on it for hours, but in actual fact its only been less than a minute.
There was once this old lady with her 2 year old grand-son who hogged the swing for so long that I have to say: "ooi! Take turn leh"
Then she goes "ok la ok la"

Living in the city also means that convenience level is very high, elevators and escalators everywhere to every level.
Children hardly got chance to climb the stairs to work out their legs.
Whenever we get the chance, I'll let them climb the stairs... be it the over head bridge, or to the train station. Just let them climb, and they find it amusing... Huffing and puffing, laughing all the way up.

I remember someone ever said:
"Things in this new world are getting more complicated to make our lives simpler."
So are we getting complicated or simpler.