Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dong Dong Ciang

Its the Chinese New Year AGAIN!!! It a time I'm not entirely excited, except for the holidays...

There's all the preparation... decorations... "shopalization"... realization... that you have over spent... Whatever.

Kids will have to wear new clothes and shoes, some adults will take the chance to buy themselves new outfit too. But who will know its new? There are people who goes to the extreme of ensuring that even their underwear is new.

People hope that the new year will be of good luck and prosperous, that means red, where in Chinese context, Red = auspicious... so everything is red.

Traditional decoration is still the hot favorite.

Most people will buy knick-knacks like sweets and tibits. A variety of them can be found being sold almost everywhere.

They say that those colored melon seeds are not good for health, I wonder how true.

OK... I definitely don't know why need to buy the Pamelo.

Oranges symbolizes gold which we give away and exchange with other people we meet or visit, sometimes through the exchange, we get better oranges. So we always buy good ones so to ensure others are blessed.

Red cushions, golden words... very auspicious. But the quality no good, won't last for a month. Just nice by the end the CNY celebration it will disintegrate.

I remember receiving $1.20 angbao when I was a kid, now the market rate is to give $12

Found a new product, striped peanuts. Nothing fantastic, it tastes rather bitter.

People stood around the stall, did more sampling of food than purchasing any of it.

Flowers... a sign of spring. It means time for farmers to start work and earn more money. Also a sign of new begining, new year, new life.

Ally walked through the nursery tried to smell every flower she sees.

"Am I prettier than the flower?"
"Of course you are."

Monday, January 21, 2008

Ally's World

Ally being the more adorable of my 2 princesses, she is so cute, she can get away with a lot of trouble she is in.

The little bird says I'm full already...

Here she's doing a kick, trying to show me what is "Danger -- Kick (keep) Out"

Here she is trying to act cute to get my attention by closing one eye behind Isabel.

Here Ally is trying to manuver her way around the rope maze. She's pretty good for a almost 3 years old. She don't cry for help like her older sister when she was 3, she just stop and think, carefully climb thru the maze with confidence.

They may fight a lot, but they sure love each other.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I scream ice cream

Once in a while we like to pamper ourselves, indulge in something we like... For our family, we all agree that we like ice cream.

We went to Haagen-Daze for a after dinner dessert.

Children no doubt love ice cream

Adult like wise... like mother like daughter

Isabel ordered Strawberry and chocolate, I ordered Lemon and choc choc, anyway, there were a total of 6 flavors in our orders.

Everybody attacked the ice cream and waffle bowl till there's nothing left.

To Ally, there is no such thing as the last scoop, there's always one last scoop till every drop is gone.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Isabel the Pet Groomer

Egg Attack

Can you imagine... Driving along your own estate, next to your own block where you stay... and then "WHACK"!!! Someone dropped an egg on the top of your car... !!!

That's exactly what happened to me.

I was driving along, minding my own business, then suddenly... "WHACK!!!" I thought I've hit something, but I looked around found nothing.

Then I drove on to stop by the side where I was suppose to pick up the family, I came out and realized that the car top was littered with egg shells and splattered with its content.

Who in the right mind would throw an egg out of the window?

I don't have any enemy... at least none that I know of... I've never had any bad blood with anyone... WHO WOULD DO SUCH A THING???

The egg content somehow managed to seep into the car and the whole car stink from the inside.
Later, I parked the car and went for dinner, came back and found a whole bunch of ANTS on the car top!!