Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Its been a rather stressful few weeks with assignments deadlines, work projects and exams...

But that doesn't mean I have been hiding in a hole or up on a mountain unreachable to all.
Just the other night, I hopped into my car and started to drive off. But I noticed an unusually sound coming from the rear tire. I parked and looked...
A screw has punctured the rear right tire! It must have happened since the last drive, and I have left it there for few days. The air is completely out and the metal is pressing on the rubber as I drive.
Seriously... this is the first time I encounter a flat since I've been driving. I may be Handy Manny to the kids, but I have never changed a tire before. I have only seen people do it on TV, but even that, I can only assume what I'm about to do is theoretically correct.
I called a few friends for advise and proceed as my lovely wife stood by me and cheer me on. Too bad the kids were not there to do that too.
As I took the spare out, (which is the first time we ever had a serious look at it) we stood there staring at it, then looked at each other... why is it smaller than the regular tires? But one of our friends told us is correct, just drive slowly with it, should last a few days.
Ha... it was all a very good experience and I thank God that it happened within the car park and not in the busy road.

Friday, August 15, 2008