Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Weekend without Mommy...

My wife is out of town for the weekend... So its just me and my 2 Princesses. Yup... That's right Superdad is here to maintain law and order...heh heh heh...

Isabel was at the airport to send off her mom, she acted very strong until she saw them walk into the departure hall, that's when she started to cry... a bit.

She said: "I miss Mommy..."
I assured her that mommy will be back before she knows it and proceed to tell her the line of activities I've arranged for her through the weekend

Starting With... :
Pancake making on Saturday morning!

I got the idea from the show Supernanny where they encourage the kids to be involve with the cooking so as they be interested with the food introduced to them.

I was supurise that she didn't make a mess with it... She cracked the eggs, help poured the milk, stirred till smooth.

Not exactly the best pancake ever tasted, but its pretty good.

In the afternoon I promised to bring her to Fun Dazzle to let her work out her extra energy.

The fee was S$8 per child for the peak hours, that means $16 for the 2 of them for an hour... Shiver...

I had no idea when they say peak hours, the amount of children in there can be so packed, they ran through the obstacles like nobody's business. Their sweaty hair and body pushed and

shoved for space.

I looked at some of the "kids" they're more like teenagers rather than children, playing catch among the younger ones, stepping thru and knocking around.

I was worried for my Ally as she climbed through the maze, I followed and protected her all the way to the top and down thru small crawl space... that took half hour. I called for a time out and make them go for water where I got my maid to take over me for the next half hour.
At the end of the hour, Ally still wants to go on, rushing back to maze for a go at it.

Dinner time I brought them to the East Point Shopping Center to eat sushi. Isabel was very hungry... so hungry that before I finished looking thru the menu, she already helped herself to the sushi moving on the conveyor belt and ate 4 pieces of sushi, by the time I ordered for everyone, she ate another 4. Then she continued to polished off a bowl of Udon... I can't brand her to be a picky eater anymore.

The point of going to that shopping center is because there is a popular pet shop call Safari Pet shop, a very comprehensive shop
that sells every kind of pet... Puppies, fishes, kittens, hamsters, rabbits, etc...

I think for Ally its her first time she sees a rabbit or hamsters. She was very excited to see the little fur ball with four little feets scurrying around the glass tank.

At the section where they displays the puppies, she just stared in amazement at the variety of different breeds of dogs. Until then, she's only seen a terrier from my parent's place.

Sunday, I called a friend who stays in condo to arrange for a time to go there for a swim. I brought the whole gang there but they seems more interested to play with the toys there rather than swim in the hot sun. Isabel lazed around and watch Ally throw the beach ball at my maid.

But of course we had a good time at the pool later.

For the whole weekend, I rented a total of 4 movies to watch till wee hours every night while the kids are asleep, . Anyway, the kids sleep in a different room from us since the day I brought them home, so it won't disturb them.

Mommy came back last night, Isabel with her sister excitedly welcome her at the airport.
I must say that Isabel is very mature, throughout the weekend, she's been a good daughter and a good sister. She never gave me any problem or throw tantrum. She also never unreasonably cry for mommy. I really thank God for her good behavior.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Day in Day out...

Life is even more interesting after the Lord has given me my second daughter.

Its certainly more challenging... for me to play fair between them.
The younger one will find it more interesting to follow the older, to snatch food from her, to play the toys Isabel is playing. Things are always better, more fun or taste better when the sister is having it.

Ally bullies Isabel knowing that she can get away with it, she beats her with toys, fights with her over food... But Isabel will love Ally no matter what the later did to her. She hugs and kisses Ally often, sometime Ally finds it irritating.

Isabel likes to take picture with Ally, but Ally likes solo...

This is like... "Come take picture with Jie Jie..."

Ally will start pushing her away, fighting her off.

I don't set alarm in the morning, my morning call comes from Isabel, but Isabel's morning call comes from...? Right!... Ally

She poke Isabel's eyes, peels the eye lid open, pat her on the head... whatever it takes to wake her up. The funny thing is, Isabel when woken up by Ally is ok, but if I were to wake her up, she'll make a big fuss.

I love them when they fight, I love them when they don't fight. I love them no matter what they do.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all fathers.

Isabel made a orange paper tie for me from her playgroup this year. The one on the right is from her children care center when she was almost 2 years old.

Now I proudly display the ties for all to see in my office.

She even got a song for me this year. It goes something like this:

This is a special day,

Now its time for me to say,

For all things you did for me,

Thank you Daddy, I love you!

Heart melting ya?

Few points for the fathers and would be fathers...

1) Attention

Always give your children your undivided attention. They need to know that you are there for them. Communicate with them, understand them...what is their interest, their likes and dislikes.

Attention = Love

2) Approval

Children need to know that they are doing right, they need to have your support in the things they do. Your approval means more than all the appraisals their friends can give him. They like to do things to please you.

A smile will go a long way for them.

3) Affection

Chinese don't show affections like the western do, many of us comes from family that never said a single time "I love you". But your children need love and affection to grow up healthy and sound in the mind. Start telling them you love them... it means a lot to them

4) Assurance

Children need assurance for your presence, your provisions. Knowing you'll be there no matter what happens is an important sense of security in their growing up years.

Well... its that simple... Happy Father's Day

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

In Loving Memories...

I just had my aquarium "renovated" to a more natural environment with a big piece of real tree bark as background. A large drift wood in the center and a 5kg cave stone for decoration.

I also halved the water, the effect is to make it look like a section of the stream complete with flowing water from the motorized pump.

With all these natural looks, we thought its a waste to keep only tiny little Tetras. We debated whether to get a terrapin of a crab. Since we kept crabs and lobsters before, so I went ahead to get a terrapin.

Isabel chose one while we were at the shop, back home she decided to call it Ja-Ja.

And so Ja-Ja was swimming in the new "natural" environment for the first day. Then I noticed it was not eating the food I bought for it. I positioned the food right in front of it but it still won't take a bite.

It never occurred to me that it may be sick but 2 days later I found it curled up on the rock sleeping...

I decided to take it out of the aquarium and place it in a separate container. But the next day it never woke up again...

Isabel took it very well. She knew its dead, but she sarcastically asked me: "How's your turtle?"
I said: "Died already la."
She went : "Oh, ok."

Poor thing... its still a little baby... I feel responsible for it's death...sigh...

Ashes to ashes...
Dust to dust
To a better place
far better I trust

A place free from loneliness
free from pain
Free from hunger
and unhappiness ever again

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Eat Grasshopper

This is a video proof of me eating a grasshopper in Bangkok.

Bon Appetite