Thursday, December 26, 2013

Plumbing Works

I owned my home for 13 years.  I have only called the plumber once for a major choked in the toilet after a plastic container was accidentally dropped into the bowl.  Other than that, I did D.I.Y. on all the necessary plumbing and electrical work myself.  But I never liked plumbing work.

Last Thurs, on my way home from work, I received a call from my wife saying the plastic knob for the show has cracked.

I was planning to buy a plastic knob again but the D.I.Y.  shop only has this expensive metal knob costing at $40.

As I started to work on this after dinner, while they were relaxing in the living room watching TV.  I realized nobody came and asked how are things or even to check the progress.

Either they don't bother or they have total faith in me.

I like to think it is the later.  haha..

Fixing things has always been a passion for me.  I nurtured the hobby from my father since young watching him fix everything around the house.

So, growing up, I have always been a hands-on person.

Now I like my son to carry on this passion from me.  I would like to see him be handy around the house.

I brought him to hardware shop one evening, showed him the difference between a hammer and a mallet... the different parts of a hammer for their different usage.  He seems quite receptive.  Asking questions about the tool.

Maybe we'll do a project together, build a shelve or planter-box...

I'm sure he'll be better than me, just need to get him interested.