Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Children and Swing

Ally trying to pull Isabel to a higher position so she can swing further.
So far they have been behaving rather well. I had a ton of ideas and activities for them, but in the end I can only do so little with them. I wanted to bring them out more often, but I'm worried about Isabel's academic future. I want her to be prepared before going to Primary 1, to learn the basic and make sure she don't lose out or fall behind... Sigh...
But I don't want to be robbing her of her childhood... after all she is only 6 years old.
I suppose its natural that the parents want their children to do well, but its also an art when it comes to balancing between fun and work.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Daddy's Day

Well... since mommy is in Japan, Superdaddy brought the kids to the newly opened swimming pool in SengKang...

This is the first time we are there, I can see a lot of people are already there enjoying the new facility


Why should we pay $13.40 for the Wild Wild Wet entrance fee in NTUC Downtown East when the same things are found here in the Heartland of SengKang for just of $2. ( adults=$2, child=$1)

It has 8 super slides, a big Jacuzzi pool that can sit 30 over people in it. The only thing is that the changing room is unjustifiably small.

The kids playground in the centre of the children pool is wonderful, but my 2 princess are to afraid of the splashing water to get near it.

There are 2 Olympic size swimming pool, one completely sheltered, the other is open air.

I'll be back again to try the slide, this time will be at night.


In the evening, I brought them to the Pasir Ris beach. It was surprisingly quiet for such a beautiful Saturday evening.

We brought the professional sand castle building equipment to build our sand castle.

Isabel is quite creative with the design.

Ally's good in hammering and packing the sand

Its smaller than it looks... but created by Isabel

If we got time, we could have built a whole city.

I drove to the nearby White Sand for dinner, and they asked for Mac. They must be really hungry cos their burger disappeared at the blink of the eye.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Good old days

My wife told me that she wanted to go to a wet market for grocery shopping, but instead of going to the usual one at Punggol, we went to the one in Hougang.

In the modernized city where every 5 years we'll see upgrading, its hard to find a place like this in the heartland anymore. We see more old people than the young, old men sitting by themselves enjoying a cup of coffee, staring as the world goes by...

Kids nowadays grew up in air-conditioned food courts are fascinated with the sight and sound of the old hawker surrounded by flats that are 40 over years old. Most of them are left vacant and boarded up, probably waiting for the time for demolition.

Some stores are also vacant, owner probably moved to a more crowded location. The pathetic kiddy ride that only cost 20 cts instead of $1, sat motionless for hours, probably even days, waiting for its next little customer to ride it and play its cheerful song which could very well be its last.

As I sat there trying to get Isabel to eat her Chee Cheong Fun, I noticed at another corner, sat an old lady skillfully playing her harmonica into a little microphone, which the music was amplified 5 times louder through her squeaky speaker hidden behind her poster.

The poster shows her glory days before she ended up selling her talent in an old market side... She was probably from a harmonica choir, taught by the best teacher there is, been around the world to perform and won countless trophies...