Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ally's 1st...

Ally is now 2 and a half years old, finally she's able to do things which she has been watching the sister do without participating.

For example is the play area in the new IKEA which is famous for its creativity and innovativeness. Because it so popular, we have to take queue number and wait to go in. Once in there, all kids are allowed to stay for only an hour. After an hour, if the parents are not there to pick them up, the kid will be placed in a waiting area instead of the play area.

All children entering the play area is not measured by age, but by height... The kid has to be a certain height in order to be allowed to enter.

Finally, Ally is tall enough to enter.

I can tell she had a great time in there with her sister, because later during dinner, she keeps talking about going back there again.

Another thing Ally just tried is the Macdonald Cheeseburger.
At first I wasn't very sure if I should let her have the whole burger by herself, but later I see she's able to polish off the entire burger.

Isabel after finishing her burger, keeps eyeing on my chicken chop, after that she turned her attention to Ally's unfinished portion of the burger, but Ally refused to share any of it.

I guess all children like junk food.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Family Makeover

Maybe to a some of you this is old news... You've already seen my new hair do... But I'm writing this anyway.

Few weeks ago, my lovely wife, who for some time, has been having the idea of giving me a make over hair do, finally made an appointment with her favorite hairdresser to do it for me.

On the day itself, we were the first customer there. The children entered and were treated with sweets and candies as the saloon owner came and warmly welcomed us. This actually calms the children down and helps in getting them to sit thru it later.

As mine would take the longest process, they did my hair first.

Yes... this is the very first time I highlighted my hair.

I ever dyed my whole head... yes I did it myself at home, but streaks of coloring came down my forehead and made me look like Harry Potter with the scar for few days.

So... it best to leave this to the professionals.

Ally never liked to go near a hair saloon, let alone go cut hair in it. We were anticipating screams and kicks from her, but surprisingly, she liked the young hair stylist so much that she just quietly let her cut and tied her hair for her.

Isabel seeing Ally's nicely platted hair, she too wanted something similar.

But Isabel is a seasoned hair saloon patronizer, she love to wash and cut her hair in KIMAGE.
She just likes to look pretty, I think if I let her do manicure and pedicure, she'll get addicted to it.

My lovely wife, trimmed the brows and hair.

How's the outcome of my hair? I leave it to your imagination.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I was on my way to work, squeezed in the sardine packed LRT when an air-stewardess looking young lady whispered to me "Caterpillar!". Before I realized what she meant, she already took a piece of tissue paper and pinched at my neck.
"Yeeew! ok... er...thanks... I'll keep this."
I suddenly remember trying avoiding this caterpillar, which was hanging by its tread, while I walking towards the station, I just didn't realized it actually landed on me.
I kept it pinched and trapped in the wrapping of the tissue paper all the way to my work place which is half an hour away. Occasionally it managed to wiggle its way out and I'll have to re-wrap it.
Anyway, when I reached my work place, I released it into the garden there, hopefully our gardener won't be spraying insecticide soon.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Jumping on the bed

Like any other children, my 2 princesses always find comfort on my bed. Sometimes they "squeeze" themselves between us in the middle of the night, or early morning. I call them "Live Contraceptive"as they prevented any "activity" that I have in mind with my wife.

Especially my 4 years old Isabel, sometimes in the middle of the night, she'll walk from her room to use the toilet in my room, after that, she'll sleep next to mommy for the rest of the night.

Both of them likes to jump on my bed, even after several times of miscalculated jumps, landing either head first against the wall or on the floor.

Ally surprisingly is the better jumper that the sister.

"Daddy... Take picture for me!"

"I can jump very high!"

All photos you see here are taken by my new handphone Sony Ericsson K810i... Amazing ya?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Spy cam shoe rack

I was just browsing in Courts, by the way is Isabel's favorite place, when I came across this ordinary looking shoe rack.

When I read the descriptions, I can't help but be amused at the level of commitment and effort the workers have for the store.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Conversation with kids

I was bathing little Ally the other day, and I asked her, "where is your cheek?"
She pointed to her cheek, which is correct.
Then I asked,"Your eyes?"
With her soapy fingers, she wanted to poke at her own eyes, I had to quickly stop her.
Pointing at her forehead, I said slowly, "this is your forehead."
She pointed at my head and replied "You got FIVE-HEAD!"

It took me a while to realise it, but we really laughed out loud.
A Father-Daughter moment.