Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Daddy's underwear

Q: How to know when I've not been excersing for too long?

A: When my 3 years old daughter saw me in my running shorts, but shouted to me saying: "Daddy! Why are you going out in your UNDERWEAR?"

Monday, November 19, 2007

Project "Welcome Mommy" II

As some of you have known, my lovely wife was away in New Zealand for a period of 2 months. Well, she is finally back home.
The girls were excited and so am I. I couldn't sleep the night before, keep imagining the look on her face when she steps out of the baggage claim and sees us.

2 hours before the landing time, I started to get the girls ready to welcome their Mommy, I thought I should have time for dinner at the airport before going to the arrival hall. But because the girls took too long to get ready, we have to settle for a quick bite at MacDonald's.At precisely the landing time, we were already waiting at the appropriate gate, trying to spot Mommy.

When she finally came out, Isabel and Ally flashed out their welcome banner. A product which they did most of the messing and I have to turn them into art work.

My wife came out smiling, hugged everyone and was very touched by the gesture, she love the banner.

I had no time to buy flowers, otherwise it would have been better.

Friday, November 09, 2007

My little Dancer

Isabel participated in the Graduation Concert for the older Kindergarten 2 children. For weeks she and her class has been practicing their dance in school. At first, I didn't know she was doing it, until I noticed she was singing and dancing the same song at home until it started to get on my nerves.

On the day itself, she was very excited, chasing after me and hurrying me all the time making sure that she won't be late. Although her god-mother did her make up, her teachers touched up and dolled her up some more.

Even while queuing up, she till practicing her dance moves

She's very happy to be performing.

Maybe I'm bias, but I'm her father, so of course I'm bias... I think she is the best dancer and the prettiest one among all the other children.

After her performance, I waited for her by the side, to be the first to tell her how well she did. She smiled from ear to ear, I know it means a lot to her.

I so proud of her.