Saturday, September 25, 2010

First Swimming Lesson

For years, I've been trying to teach them to swim, but they won't listen to my instruction. They just cling to me or the side of the pool afraid to go any deeper.

Finally I've decided to send them to a proper coach for swimming lessons.

I booked the lesson in SAFRA Yishun. Heard its rather popular as for the past 2 sessions I couldn't sign them up as the places were already fully taken.

Before the lesson, Isabel was worrying if she would drown, or swallow water, or what if water goes into her ears... But Ally was rather neutral, she just want to have fun.

I wasn't told that they have to have a swimming board ready, but our friend who's daughter was in the earlier class, called me to inform me of it.

When the class started, they began by doing some warm-up. The girls gingerly joined in as they are unfamiliar with the people there.

Coach Soya, and her assistance coach Lisa patiently went through the safety and then the basic foundation of breathing and holding breadth. One of the student is repeating the course cos she failed the test at the end of last course. She looks not a day older than 4 years old...

Another girl is simply a princess of her own La-La land. Doesn't care about the on going lesson, played in the baby pool for most of the time. Her mother has to keep dragging her back to join the group.

After the lesson, they were eager to practice more, immediately I could see the improvement of the water confidence and the movements.

I hope this will improve their health and well being, and for me I will get some exercise too. I'm planning to hit 20 laps by the end of their last lesson.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crisis in Life

Recently I've learned that crisis is normal to life. Crisis will make you stronger and better.

I wonder does it apply to Mid-Life Crisis.

All this while, I've always thought mid-life crisis is for people in their fifties. If that's true, then man's average age should be over a hundred.

But since the average life-span of a man is 75, then I guess I'm at the right age of going through the MLC.
I did not know that I was going through this phase until I read an article which listed some of the things which men in this phase of life has a tendency to do... I scored pretty high on the list.

One of them is the tendency to look for something dangerous and reckless, to prove his manliness. Thus, I've been thinking of bungee jumping, getting a tattoo...I'm also bothered by my complexion, my youthfulness seems to have been zapped out of me. People used to guess my age at least 5 years younger than my actual age, but recently everyone seems to guess it right or a year ahead. Its really disheartening.

I bought a bottle of face-lift cream, spread that thing on my face day and night like kaya on toast, but it does not seems to work as it was advertised. Sigh...

I've also heard of applying Aloe Vera on the face could help to give a smooth complexion, So I bought a big piece from Cold Storage and started to apply the sticky gel every night. But one product which I've secretly been using is my wife's SK-II Facial Treatment Essence which contains Pitera. That seems to work.

Beside the physical, career is another issue. As I edge towards the next big "zero" of my life, my marketability is definitely going down. I looked at my career path, I know I have to steer hard towards my goal. I don't have much time to be idling around thinking I still have tomorrow to do whatever needs to be done... Everything needs to be done now.

I now also have a clearer picture of what I need and how to plan it. I called up my insurance agent, went through all my polices, made the necessary changes. Now I understand what is that peace of mind that the insurance company has been marketing about.

So to conclude, I guess crisis in life is really about showing you what you should have done earlier, get it done, make the change and come out of the crisis to be stronger and better. But like what my Pastor said, never lose sight of God, hold on to your core fundamental.

I'm still going to get that tattoo soon.


Thursday, September 09, 2010

Small opt

Jared is born with an extra toe, although it does not hinder the way he is developing, or learning to walk, we still decide to have it removed as he has difficulty putting on his shoes.

Someone once said that it could be a blessing in disguise that he may be exempted from serving in the more physically demanding areas during his NS years. I totally wish it not true. I hope that he will be the best that he can be, and that his talent will outshine the others and bring home the "Sword of Honor" in the Officer Cadet course, which is something that I regret not having.

I suppose that's what every father wants their son to be... better than themselves.

Operation is scheduled at 2pm.

On the day of his opt, we started to fast him since 8am, his last drink of water was at 10am.

The little boy, oblivious to what's going to happen to him, continued to explore the hospital lobby with curiosity. Moving with ease between chairs with a pacifier stuck to his mouth. He sees the world with a fresh new mind filled with excitement. His finger touching every fiber and texture enjoying the strange sensation each will bring.

Soon we were notified of the ward and because he is only 1 year old, they changed the bed to a "cage". Earlier we prayed for him, thank God he is really a good boy throughout the time of fasting. He didn't fuss because of the hunger or thirst which we have worried for days of how he's going to go through it. Even the anesthetist praised him for being such a cooperative boy.

After the surgery, he continued to sleep till almost 6pm. He woke without crying, cautiously, we gave him some water, he eagerly drank most of the water in the bottle. Almost vomitted out.

Half hour later, the dinner came. He ate quite a big portion of the serving. Then he ate some cake when a friend came to visit. Then he ate some bread from my wife's burger. Then he ate some cupcakes brought by another friend later that evening.

Well, I take it that its a good sign that he has good appetite after the surgery.

I think most of the nurses in the ward like him.

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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Lost Symbol

Just finished reading the new novel by Dan Brown... The Lost Symbol.

As usual, he did a great job doing research on histories and linking them together. In his last book, The Da Vinci Code, he managed to stir up a storm by telling the world how the Bible has been distorted through time and people and the so-called hidden truth of Jesus, that he is so in love with Mary Magdalene that they have a child together.
Angering Christians around the world. Many have called in protest to boycott and ban the movie and book. But ultimately creating a greater interest and publicity for the author and movie making him a overnight sensation.

The Lost Symbol has no lack in thrills and mysteries, quick pacing a timeline with few things happening at the same time ultimately towards the same destiny. But one thing that disappoints me is the character development of Robert Langdon, who is also the main character in the previous 2 books.
It is frustrating to read that a man that has such great head knowledge of symbols and histories has become skeptical with the things he sees. Being a lecturer of such topic, he sees all, knows all but not believing at all.
All that happened through the story, he is always rejecting the idea of any of those myths and legends to be true.

The author has done extensive research on the American history. It is interesting to know that George Washington actually has a sculpture of himself as a god. I did a google search it, and found it is true that such sculpture exist.

Another interesting area is the introduction of the Noetic Science. Its the study of how the human mind, through thoughts or will power, is able to change matters, alter situations, even influence other's thoughts. I remember Pastor Kong ever preached how negative or positive thoughts can hinder the formation of ice crystals.

Apparently, the Institute of Noetic Science has done such proving experiments that a common unified thought from a group of people is able to change or alter and achieve their goal by thinking about it. In unison the thoughts is magnified. It is a scientific reality that the power of prayer groups and healing circles has the power to heal and move situation.

Genesis 11:6, God acknowledged that with people thinking and focusing in unity, they can achieve anything.

In the finale of the book, the author affirms that the Bible is the Ultimate truth of the Universe. Holding an immense amount of knowledge that is too powerful for man to understand. And that faith is the new science and the new direction for people.
Maybe its an attempt for the author to please the readers of the Christian world, nonetheless, it is a good book to read if you are into such topic.