Friday, July 30, 2010

Fire Station visit

I found out that every Saturday morning, every fire station (except Jurong island) is open for public visit from 9am to 11am.

I've planned this long ago, but because Isabel usually has tuition on Saturday morning, so I've been delaying the visit.

Last Saturday, tuition center was closed. So we headed to the nearest fire station as early as possible.

Mommy took the car to work, so we had to take the bus instead.

Without the comfort of the car, the girls had to walk a distance. Not exactly something they are very used to.

The Sengkang Fire Station is a modern building, if without the words hanging on the facade, I would have thought it would be an office building.

Inside it, we were brought to the waiting area which I think it would be their lecture area for the trainees. There was another family there visiting the station with their young kids. The person in charge brought out toy hats and rain coats for the children.

We get to try an invention by SCDF themselves... The Water Mist Gun aka WMG.

They explained the function and purpose of the Red Rhino. I always thought it looks really cool on the road.

One thing I'm impressed is that the staff's enthusiasm of showing us their equipment. They are not tired of removing them from a neatly packed shelves, and lay them out on the floor to show us the functions of it.

Only thing lack is that they don't say a single word about home fire prevention. Something I feel that is just as important as knowing we can count on them to put out the fire.


Friday, July 23, 2010

Hi All

Its been really quite a while since I've logged on for blogging. Main reason for missing is because my phone, which I use to take a lot of impromptu photos of our daily lives is not able to sync with the PC, hence I'm not able to upload any photo to tell my story. Other reason is that I've been attending night classes, preparing for exams...

Anyway, I can't miss blogging this one.

My son is now 1 year old. Wow, time flies... I remember him as a little infant when we first brought him home.

This whole year has been interesting as he is the only son in the family, he has been a source of joy to all of us. The 2 sisters dote him so much, especially the elder sister. She like to carry him around the house, sing and play with him. I can safely depend on her to look after him for short moments.

This one year has also not been easy for us and Jared as we have to place him in a Infant care center, he fell sick almost every month. Fever, flu, cough... that sequence. We brought him to the Pediatrician several times, spent hundreds of dollars on his medications.

Jared was really happy at the beginning of the party, but as the guests are not all here yet, we waited till past his nap time before we could let him cut the cake. By then, he was starting to be grouchy.

Even before he blew the candle, his hands and feet were already covered with cream.

Jared would like to thanks all the big brothers and big sisters for celebrating his first birthday with him. He would also like to thank all the aunties and uncles for all the blessings he has received.