Sunday, February 17, 2008

More Pictures on Ally's Birthday

All the kids were enjoying themselves in the games....the helpers were busy too.

Ally and Grandpa

Ally Cutting her cake.

Ally family's picture

Verena, mommy, Ally and Isabel

Ally and mommy

Ally and her god-parents

Friday, February 15, 2008

New Year and Ally's Birthday

First 2 days of the Chinese New Year, we dressed the girls and went visiting the Grandparents.

But first, as my own tradition, I will take pictures of the girls and also family photos.

Anyone need models?


On the 3rd day of Chinese New Year, Its also Ally's birthday.

My miracle baby who went thru a 6 hour major heart operation when she was 2 DAYS old, is now 3 years old.

I'm so happy...

Ally has been asking for a Macdonald Birthday Party for a year. Ever since she saw Isabel's 3 yr old Mac party...

How could I say no to those big eyes?

As the guests arrived, the party started to warm up

Children played games

When we asked her to closed her eyes and make a wish, she thought she had to keep her eyes closed when blowing out the candles.

Happy Birthday Ally, we love you.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Getting Caught

Isabel was asked to do the Maths assessment book we bought for her, Mommy assigned one page for her which she promptly went into the study room to complete it.

After 5 minutes, I was about to go check on her, she popped out of the room with all the right answers... "That was fast" I thought.

Pushing the thought aside, we assigned her another page as we thought maybe the previous was too easy, or she was getting better at it.

She quickly disappeared into the study room again and came out 5 minutes later. Every questions were correctly answered.

I didn't suspect anything until...

You see, my 5 years old Isabel has a bad habit of leaving a trail of mess wherever she goes, downside of having a maid in the house.

I was clearing up her mess in my study room when I noticed something doesn't belong to her mess of erasers and pencils... A CALCULATOR!!! She was using the calculator to do her maths questions. No wonder she can complete 20 questions in 5 minutes.

I grabbed the calculator and went to question her, she quietly admitted it. One good thing about her is that she doesn't lie, she'll face her punishment if she has to, but she'll not lie to us to get out of trouble.

For this case, I didn't punish her, I just gave her a warning not to use it again and sent her off to bed.

But I have to give her some credits for figuring out how to make use of a calculator.