Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Project "Welcome Mommy"

As the date for Mommy to return from New Zealand draws near, we started work on the banner as promised to their Mommy.

It must be big and bright so that she can see from the moment she steps into the baggage hall.

The kids are free to express themselves on it. They painted grass, flowers, clouds, sun...

Mixing colors together, they learned to form more colors

Soon they were trying hand prints and foot prints
The place was a big mess, my poor maid got to clean up real good.

The final product is not yet complete, but I hope she likes whatever she sees.


Friday, October 26, 2007

Isabel's 5th Birthday

Its Isabel's 5 year old Birthday!!!

And altogether she had coincidentally 5 celebrations!!!

Her first celebration started on the Saturday before her actual day. Friend of my lovely wife, who loves Isabel very much, decided to celebrate it with her own grand-daughter, who's birthday is also in October.
First wave of celebration. She wasn't really ready as she wasn't expecting it.

Her second time celebration was in Grandma's place. She was expecting it, so she asked to have her hair combed and wear a nice dress.

Third was in her god-mother's place on the day before.

Her god-mother giving her blessing.

Her 4th time celebration was on the actual day in her school. I can see that was the happiest celebration she ever had.

When the children sing the birthday song, it was so crisp and clear. There was really a sense of joy in every word that comes from the children's mouth. I have heard adults sing more than hundreds of times, but none can compare the simple joy added in it when it's sung from the children. It was simply beautiful.

Her good friend Si Qi drew a card for her.

Ally was so popular among the children, they surrounded her, pinching her cheeks, stroking her hair, holding her hands. When she walks, the boys will remove chairs that are obstructing her. She's like a big living doll that everybody wants.

Isabel is so glad to have her sister there with her.

Ally cried when I brought her home, she wanted to stay in school with her sister.

The final celebration was in the cell group. The cake was baked by our member, Daniel Ang, who does that for every member's birthday.

All-in-all, 5 celebrations, 5 cakes. Out of which, 4 are chocolate, 1 strawberry.

Happy birthday Isabel.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Isabel Skyping with mommy on the internet.

Technology may seems to bring the people closer, but its still never close enough.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Since I took over...

I've always never find it amusing to be doing gardening, but since my lovely wife is in New Zealand for almost 2 months... I've taken over the watering and fertilizing of the plants that's along our corridor.

Since then, I've watched the flowers blossomed and sprout forth fruits, which is the obvious result of my work.

I began to do more... I began to prune the dead leaves and branches to make way for new ones. I started to feel the joy of watching the fruits ripen, waiting to taste the first fruit.

Even Isabel started to take interest, she has asked when can she plant her own plant. I promised to get some red bean for her to plant, let her experience taking care of it and watching them grow.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Let's Go Camping

To my Lovely Wife:

Well, the kids said they want to go camping, so... I built them a camp lor.

Yes, your blanket is now their tentage...

Ally: "Jie Jie, I hungry...!"

Isable: "Ok, I cook something for you."

Isabel: "Come inside, here, have a plastic hamburger

Ally: "OK..."

Ally: "Jie Jie, I help you wash."

I don't know if they like to go for a real camping trip. For one, Ally don't like to get dirty, if there's sand in her shoe, she'll demand to remove it, clean her feet then put it back on again before walking.

Isabel is not much better than her sister.

I think it'll be a few more years before I'll actually do it.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

What you've missed... Part 2

To my lovely wife, here's what you've missed this weekend

We were at Ron's 2 year old birthday party.

The pretty birthday boy and his pretty mommy.

Feeding Competition

A wide spread of food was served, kids and adults alike, we all enjoyed it much, especially the curry mutton... hmm...

Some of your old friends were there.

Isabel's god-mother showing how to whistle.

Joelle, just came back from a long trip in USA misses the local food very much.

Isabel showing me how to lay an egg

Ally having fun with the balloons in the room.

Paige have grown up so well and so pretty too.

More old friends, they've all asked about you.

Na was the "Life of the party" as long as she is holding the bottle of soap bubble.

All the kids anticipating to sing the birthday song.

To Poh:
Congrats to you... Ron is very smart looking and active. May the good Lord bless him with good health and great wisdom.

Friday, October 05, 2007

What you've missed...

To my Lovely Wife,

Just in case you forgot what local food looks like...

I've also been tasting them for you... Hmmm...

Chicken Rice:
Smooth cool juicy chicken with hot steaming fragrance rice.

Chili Crab:
Ok, I didn't eat this, but its a nice picture though

Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis:
Especially good with the Ketchup

What can I say... nicely grilled, but still chewy and juicy with a meaty taste

Tim Sum:
Variety of steaming hot little buns and fried dumplings...

Thought it would be fun to show you all this... ha ha..
I'm bad...
I promise to bring you to eat all these food and more when you are back... OK?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I know the kids miss Mommy, feeling a bit down, so I brought them to the toy store to "jalan jalan", I already planned to get a toy for each of them to cheer them up.

Of course they are happy to see so many toys...

Ally was the first one to ask for a toy...

"Daddy... I want a teddy bear... I want to hug and sleep with the bear"

It's hard to say no when her big googlie eyes keeps staring at me, anyway, I don't intend to say no.

Isabel of course don't want to be left out, turned around and started looking for a present for herself. Then she asked for a "Magical Princess Set"

Besides the accessories you see here, there's also a hand held mirror, which with a press of a button, will have a princess face appear in it. Gave me a shock.

Ally also likes to play with it, Isabel is a good sister, never argue about sharing with her.

And Ally of course love the new pink teddy bear, really sleeps with it every night.