Monday, August 30, 2010

Amazing Race? Modeling Race?

These are the faces that will represent Singapore in the month long race around Asia and beyond for the low price money of $100,000.

Seeing the rest of the teams... Models, tv presenters, basketball player, models, beauty pageant contestants... Come on... its obvious that the ordinary people has absolute no chance to be in it.

First of all, I don't see any ordinary looking people. I'm not asking for ugly, but just normal next-door-guy kind of contestant.

Second, there are non with a normal job. TV host, Basketball player, models, Strip club manager, tattoo artist... Come on la... If I'm in the race, they'll probably say I'm a ex-military specialist...

I admit, it will be boring if a general clerk, or a plumber gets chosen, but hey, these are the guys that are our day to day heroes, Don't they get a chance?

Well, just have to watch and see how entertaining they can be. I like to watch them puke over some nasty food.

Caught the movie... Real good old fashion, real manly, action packed movie, fully loaded testerone, almost as high as "300".

The show has plenty old action heroes, its like a reunion for them. Arnie, has a 2 minute scene just talking sarcasm with Sly. They look more like a divorced couple trying to step on each other's toes while keeping a smile in front of Bruce Willis.

Sly is more into this character than he was in Rambo 4 which that show was a disappointment as he could not bring out the character of Rambo anymore. He was just... him.

Mickey Rouke shed a tear while in the scene where he explained why he is no longer the killing machine, and how his soul has died in him. I think he is perfect for this role and has done a wonder job portraying this character.

Jet Li , being smallest and the only Asian, he has to try real hard to fit into the gang. He really doesn't look comfortable among the muscle clad bunch whose average height is 2 heads taller than him, and he has to appear to be in a "bo-chap" attitude which is not really convincing.

But overall, the movie is entertaining, the flow is good, believe it or not, all the good guy survived. Which guess makes it a happy ending.

Monday, August 23, 2010

what a weekend.

The weekend has always been an important time for the family to have bonding.

During the weekday, much of the nights are spent finishing the children's home, coaching them and helping them to deal with their daily stresses.

Weekends has become a time to bring them out of the routine to relax and also sweat it out.

Dinner... Seriously must break the routine of eating at home everyday. Brought them to the Suntec City basement food terrace. An inexpensive way of enjoying good local delicacies in an air conditioned environment.

Next is Koi feeding at the Koi Garden. Man... those Kois are FAT...

Jared was afraid to go near the water, so he sat down as near to the edge as possible.

Sunday afternoon, the weather was cooling. So I brought them to the nearby open field to fly a kite.

The kite was small and it uses those new design whereby it has no frame structure unlike those traditional type. It has funnels to help it catch the wind. But it requires constant strong wind
to keep it flying. I feel like I'm flying a plastic bag... maybe a plastic bag would be easier to fly.

I promised them to get a big one from the gift shop at the mall, Ally was already thinking of the colour she wants.

Looks like there's going to be another session this Saturday.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Family time...

Doing a little shopping after dinner at Compass Point.
Trying out new phone camera app.
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this is the day...

this is actually a test blog from my Samsung Galaxy S.
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

My favorite Pass Time

This is what I like to do when I'm free. Watching my little plant grows and blooms really make me happy.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

NDP 45th Birthday

How do most people celebrate National Day?

I've not been able to get tickets to watch the actual day NDP for the past many years. I remember the last time I actually get to watch the NDP live is in 2005. Even that, was only in those heartland celebration.

1999... I remember the experience of having queued for 2 days 1 night outside National Studium with my then girlfriend (now my lovely wife) just to make sure that we get the tickets. As we are not allowed to leave our queue, we brought along food, water and tentage. At that times there was no PSP, iPhone, or wifi internet. So we brought along board-games and radio along just to kill time. I must says we had lots of fun then.

Now, to get a NDP ticket, you got to apply and ballot for it.

One thing is the idea of being there 3 hours before the event starts, seated in the hot sun while waiting for the hosts to entertain us hasn't been that appealing either.

This year, although its a long weekend, we didn't plan anywhere far. Our friend organized a pot-luck dinner on Sunday night at their Condo, we let the kids had a dip in the pool, also to let Jared get use to the water.

The evening was cool, the water was fine.

We were told to be in red and white that night.

Here we wish Singapore Happy 45th Birthday.