Friday, June 22, 2007

Health Zone

Its the last few days of the school holidays. I haven't really brought them to any where.

So I took a day's leave and brought them to a place call "HealthZone".

The place exhibits proper health care and healthy lifestyle, the importance of eating right. Also it shows how baby is formed, the "The Birds and the Bees".

There is this mannequin of a pregnant woman where we can touch and feel its "tummy" and feel the foetus inside.

Ally was so shocked and scared at it, she clinged to my legs and asked to leave the place.

Isabel was very attentive to everything I said. Especially when it comes to oral hygiene, about brushing teeth. Now she always tell Ally to brush her teeth twice a day.

I believe that kids has to be exposed to such knowledge early so that they have a firm idea and foundation of good practise.

After the "tour", we exited the place, then Isabel said she need to go pass urine. I remember seeing the a toilet in there. So I brought them through the whole route again.

Because it was closing time and there wasn't anyone around, we walked through the "giant eye ball", "dissected human body", the pregnant mannequin... quite eerie... really...

Now I know how the kids felt.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Where's my dinner?

Little Ally having buffet dinner with us, she's like a food taster. Everything takes one bite and declare no good and then gave the rest to her mommy.
Luckily, she eats for free.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day

See my "Hall-of-Fame"...

These are all the "medals" and "awards" from my 2 daughters over the years. Most of them are from Isabel, the latest contribution is the small one with ribbons from Ally.

p>I proudly place it in my office for everyone to see.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Genting Day 2 - Outdoor

As we have planned, we went to the outdoor theme park right after breakfast the next morning. Although the weather forecast says it will be stormy, but God is good. The sky couldn't be more clearer, the breeze was light and the temperature was so fine.

The kids were amazed at the sight of all the thrilling rides...

Isabel had tried a milder version of this merry-go-round swing, but here, there's a minimum height requirement which she can't meet, so she can only watch me and mommy fly around the air.

Father and daughter bonding time...

This is the Rodeo Ride, one of Isabel's favorite. It rises up to the top like 25-30 feet, then drops down bit by bit. At first we thought Ally will be scared, but in fact, she laughed out the loudest among the kids.

Another father and daughter bonding ride...

This antique car follows the track, doesn't require driving, but just need to step on the gas peddle for it to move, which I had my foot on it all the time. Isabel didn't know all that, she thought she was driving and controlling the car all the while. I really didn't have the heart to tell her the truth.

On a boat, unknowing that the dinasour display will scare Isabel, but the younger Ally showed no sign of fear.

Looks very cold ya?

Sisters bonding time...

The last ride was the Rodeo Ride again, which they rode twice in a row.
I'm so glad the kids enjoyed themselves throughout the day.
The next day will be an eight hours coach ride back to Singapore.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Genting Trip Day 1

We have been anticipating this trip for quite a while... Now its finally here...

The kids have been watching the old video of our previous Genting trip and have been discussing between themselves what they want to do when they arrive at the Highland.

The main attraction will be the Merry-Go-Round in the Indoor Theme Park. Ally has been dreaming about it... All she could say was: "I want Merry-Go-Round and eat Lolly Pop"

The journey there proved to be a bit too much for the adults not to mention the young kids. The Double-decker seat swayed through the trip, the LCD screen showing movies and cartoons in front of the seat is of no help. In fact, it gave me headache within the first hour of watching it.

Ally was not conditioned for such long trip at all, she threw up 3 times and slept most of the way there.

Once arriving there, the kids were excited again. They followed us battling through the crowd and made it to the long queue for the Merry-Go-Round. In fact, because of the light rain, the Indoor-theme-park is even more crowded, we had to wait for an average of an hour for any of the rides.

After the Merry-Go-Round, the children were quickly ushered to the next ride, where they had a height limit of 107 cm, with a silly policy of "one-cm-too-high". Which Isabel is one cm too high and was rejected to ride. She was almost in tears while watching Ally happily ride the blue antique car. So I gave her a lolly pop to keep her happy.

By the end of the day, after squeezing as many rides as we can within 4 hours, we were all very beat. We retired to our rooms where Isabel slept very soon. Ally took a while longer as it was her first time in a hotel, but tiredness soon overwhelmed her and she slept like a baby.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Isabel likes drawing... Ever since I taught her to mix colors in a drawing, instead of coloring the face and clothes and background with the same color, she just loves it.

Since then, she's been showing off her coloring skills with her friends. She'll coming home with stories of how her friends are still coloring with the same color and how she has used different colors in the drawing.

But sometimes she over does it, she'll color everything with different colors... Umbrella will have a color for each section, a shirt will have different colored sleeves and collars. Everyone looks like they are wearing a joker outfit.

Upon a chance, I saw an art class opening in the Community Club nearby. I signed her up and she was very excited.

On the first class, I was very anxious. Partly because its a new environment and new people she's meeting and I can't be there for her, I'm not sure how she was coping.

Peeping through the window blinds, I managed to see her coloring something...

From time to time, she turned around and looked at other children's work, while the teacher walked around checking on their work and yelled at some of the naughty boys who were up to no good.

She then came home with a drawing of a frog...

I know she didn't draw this, I also saw teacher coloring most of it. But as long as she's happy, I'm ok with it.

The second class in the following week, she brought home another drawing very confirmed not drawn by her, but she happily tells me that she learned to do shades of colors and that she likes the class. So.. I'm very happy for her.

I'm looking forward to see what products she can produce in the next class.