Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Outdoor movie screening.

Last friday at the lift lobby, I happened to chance upon a poster that was informing of an outdoor screening of the movie "Transformer: Revenge of the fallen" over weekend at 8pm. organized by one of the local religious organization.

I thought it will be fun to bring the kids for this outdoor event, let them experience the old fashion entertainment that my father used to bring us to.

Hours before the show starts, they were already keep checking with me, reminding me not to miss the time.

As my memory for such outdoor screening is still at about 30 years ago. I remember bringing my own chair and sat in the grass field with my father watching "The God must be crazy". So I packed a foldable chair each for girl, a bag full of tidbits and a couple of water bottles.

It was a cool night...

We walked to the event location but found a huge tentage serving close to a hundred tables of dinning guests. But I don't see the screen showing the movie...
After asking a couple of guys who are completely oblivious of such things, but I managed to spot the screen in a corner behind the building.
The first thing I noticed was that its a cement floor... Then I noticed that there were chairs provided too.

I pulled a stacked of 3 chairs and found a spot not blocked by anyone, once we are settled down, girls were asked for the tidbits.

45 mins later, Ally was fidgeting... by the first hour, she was asking when are we going home.
She fell asleep half hour before the show ended.

I thought I should be able to watch the ending, but 5 minutes before it ends, Isabel said she need to go toilet.
I gave up on the movie as thought I should get a head start before the crowd starts to move. So I woke Ally up who immediately protested that she's too tired to walk and demanded to be carried.
And so I carried Ally on one shoulder and a bunch of foldable chairs and a bag of tidbits on my other shoulder, Isabel hopping by my side, keeps telling me she need to go.
All in all... its not a bad experience, if they were to show Hannah Montana or any Disney Princess movie, I'm sure the girls will be able to stay longer.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Isabel

As promised, we brought Isabel to Swensen for ice-cream on her birthday.

She chose her usual favorite strawberry flavored ice-cream while Ally never missed a chance to get her Sticky chocolate.

In the evening, we celebrated again at Grandparent's place.

How fast she has grown... it seems like it was only yesterday that I watched her born in the hospital, realizing that my life is never the same again.
Now, she is half way to teen-hood, I just realised how much I missed those days when she was small and super cute... and I used to carry her and walk around showing her things. Talking to her, she would return it with a smile.
My wife asked me the other day, who do I think will get married first. I really hate to think that far. As much as I know that one day this will happen, I know more importantly is that I cherish every moment with them right now...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Flower Girl

Ally has been asked to be the flower girl for a wedding last weekend. As her father, I couldn't have been more honored and proud for her.

All my 2 girls have been flower girls at least once every year for the past 4-5 years. The elder girl did her fifth tour last October and has sinced retired from it. The younger one is doing her 3rd tour this year... this will be her first solo... as in without her sister.

At the waiting area, the makeup artist did the makeup for her before she goes down for the rehearsal.

The veteran "retired" flower girl, Isabel, stood next to her and "supervised" the makeup process giving her sister tips for the performance later.

A few days ago, Ally was starting to worry because this is the first time that she is doing it without her sister. But we managed to convinced her that she'll do fine.

On the actual day, she started to have more confidence, especially after the makeup. Everybody said she is the sweetest and the most calm flower girl... very "Pro".
Now she say she wants to do modeling.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Kids learn fast...

We set up an email account for Isabel so that she can practice typing and structuring sentences while communicating with others in writing.

Every now and then, we will write to her or also encourage her to write to her god-mother or to my sister...

Not long after she started, she already knows some of the functions that I don't even know existed. Changing the skin, changing background, altering the fonts... She was now teaching me rather than the other way round.

Its really interest... just like if I were to pass her my PSP, she'll be passing level after level by end of the day without much instructions.

Like I said... nowadays, kids learn fast.


Saturday, October 03, 2009

Oouch! It's painful but I Like it.

It has always been Bel's wish to have a pair of earring . So, as her 7th Birthday is approaching, her 姨姨 asked if she wants to have her ear pierced as a present. And after much thought, she agreed to it.

However, when she saw the "gun".... She turn to me and said," Mommy, I very scare"!
Ally, on the other hand, is very excited. She insists that she also wants to have her ears pierced.

You can see from the above pictures on the girl's expression after the piercing.
Now, the girls can't wait to show off their ears...

Jared's First Hair Cut

Lately, I notice that Jared's hairs been dropping quit a bit. And very soon he'll be bald. So we decided to have his hair shaved.

Jared is a brave boy, he is calm and composed didn't cry at all although he did protest a bit when the hairs drop onto his face.

Ally on the other hand, was shocked when the barber starts shaving Jared's hair. She thought Jared is only going for a trim! She started saying that she wants Jared's hair and within minutes, her eyes were red!

When we leave the barber shop, Ally is already crying over her brother's hair. That's how much Jared really mean to her.