Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A responsible Pet Owner

It has been a month since Isabel had her pet hamster .
Daddy thinks it is also the right time to teach her to be a responsible owner by getting her involved in the cleaning of the hamster cage. For the past 4 weeks, she had been observing how daddy does the cleaning.

Today is the first time she is doing everything by herself.
First, she carefully placed the 2 little creatures in the holding area. There, they are free to roam around the house while Isabel does the cleaning.

Next, she threw away the old and soiled bedding in the cage. Then she dismantled the cage and starts scrubbing the different parts with soap and water.

Here you see the hamsters checking out their house after the cleanning.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Primary School Orientation

Its the first time Isabel is going to the primary school that she's going to spend the next 6 years in.

Imagine... By the time she finishes her education there, she'll be a teenager...

This orientation day, she'll meet her new friends, the new teachers that will help shape her future, her character, let her experience new culture...etc.

All this time, she's been avoiding the subject of going to primary 1, she misses her friends in Kindergarten and she knows that its the beginning of a very competitive academic journey.

Once in the main hall, she started to get sticky and refused to line up in her class. After much persuasion by us, she finally sat in with the rest of the children.

I can understand her anxiety... new environment, new faces, zero friends...

At first I thought she was doing ok...

But when she turned to look in our direction, then we realized she was still crying...

But as the program got started, she was soon distracted by the performances of the older kids in the school.

After she was brought around the school compound by her Form Teacher, she was much better.

Although this is not our very top choice of school... or the second... or third... But still, I have to put faith in the Singapore education system.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Graduation Concert

Everyday for the past weeks, I have been listening to Isabel sing and rehearse the lines for the concert. Ally, who may be only 3 years old, but has heard the lines so often that she too knows it by heart without ever once looking at the script.

Mommy who missed the last year's concert due to her being in New Zealand, prepared Isabel for this big day.

I was very excited too, I charged all the camera batteries, cleared all the memory cards to ensure they have enough space for photos later, I bought 3 new tapes for the video camera, juiced up the battery and backup battery, dug out my tripod stand for better stability. NO way am I going to miss a single moment of it.

We were quick to spot Isabel standing in the front row waiting to receive the cert from the Principle.

Next she did her opening lines... She was obviously very nervous and spoke a little soft, but I kept smiling at her and gave her a thumbs-up to encourage her when she looked my way.

This year her dance sequence may not be as good as last year, but she did it just as well.

Dancing has always been one of her stronger field, where she has shown much potential in it. She was relaxed and very natural, did all her steps without hic-cups.

Again... I am bias... I still think she is the prettiest little dancer on the whole stage.

Below the stage, her supporters shouted her name, tried to follow her dance movement. In fact, Isabel has taught Ally to do those dances and the 2 of them have been practicing together all these weeks.

Grand Finale, all the children of SKMCC did a song item together with all their teachers. It was a touching moment which received thunderous applause from the parents.

Isabel the big sister is always looked up by the younger kids.

She has done very well for the concert and I'm so proud of her.