Monday, March 31, 2008

Cough... Cough...

I can't believe it, but I've been to the clinic twice myself, twice for Ally and once for Isabel... We've been coughing and like an old engine for the last 3-4 weeks.

Ally is in a better condition than me, she doesn't seems to be bothered by the cough in the day time, whereas I cough until my eyes were ready to pop out.

But in the night, our coughs get worst. Ally can cough non-stop till she vomits, I'll cough non-stop till 2-3am, then had a few winks of sleep before coughing again at 5-6am.

Many people have introduced their "Secret formula" of cough medicine, guaranteed to cure me within 3 doses. Some asked me to drink a tea boiled with ginseng head with a dash of salt, some said to drink a can of warm coke with a tablespoon of salt mixed into it. One said drinking star fruit juice with a pinch of salt will do the trick (I'll try this). A client of mine says drinking warm bird's nest soup would stop the cough. I'm not that rich to be drinking bird's nest soup as medicine.

But I noticed that most of it "formulas" involve salt... maybe I'll just gargle salt water or just drink salt water...

But don't worry, I think I'm getting better.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

When the girls are not fighting Muay Thai style... They do it the Nintendo style

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Muay Thai Fights

I know I shouldn't be watching "The Contender Asia" when the kids are around. But Muay Thai is a good sports. Its not about violence, but rather about sportsmanship and passion about something.

Until the kids started to imitate it...

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Singapore Flyer

Who is more lucky? The lucky wife that managed to get the Singapore Flyer Tickets, or the man that married the lucky wife?

My Lovely wife managed to acquire 2 tickets through an ad on the newspaper. Its actually a Marriage Enhancement Seminar with buffet dinner and complete the night with a romantic time on the new Singapore Flyer. The Flyer is due to launch the next day 1st March, but we are the first few to try it first.

Not bluffing you... real tickets

The seminar took place in the open theater, good thing it didn't rain

Before the seminar, dinner was served, but it was the house fly that tasted the food first.

After the very educating seminar, we moved on to the entrance of the ride. It feels very much like boarding a plane, we had to go through metal detectors and had our bags scanned.

This is the top of the wheel.

The view is spectacular, for the first half of the ride, everyone in the carriage were excited, snapping photos, enjoying the view...

We had fun, taking photos and looking at the view...

But after a while, most people wished the wheel would turn a little faster... To be in there for 37 minutes with the same view... furthermore, it was dark, we can't see the sea view, so we only got city view.

After the ride, we were immediately directed to their shop for shopping and photo collection.

It was a lovely evening specially arranged by my lovely wife.

Free Movie Tickets

My Lucky lovely wife gets a free news paper every morning. One fine morning, she saw this ad for lucky draw to win a pair of tickets to the movie "The Eye"

So, just for fun, she sms to enter the draw... and sure enough... SHE WON!!!!!... and so did 99 other people...

She isn't exactly a sucker for horror movie like me, but because she loves me, so she went ahead to watch the movie with me. She brought along a shaw so she can cover her face when she knows something horrible is about to happen.

The show was free seating, meaning we can seat anywhere we want, which is not a common practice in Singapore. And knowing Singaporean, the 99 other couples were already at the cinema door half hour before it opened.

But praise God! Although we not among the first few to be there, but some how we were the first to get into the cinema.

We snuggled into a dark cosy corner and tried to act like a couple of teenagers on the first date.

The movie was ok, not as creepy as the original, but not too bad. recommended 3 stars.