Thursday, April 27, 2006

Although Isabel spots a long past-shoulder length hair all this while. But she hates to comb it cos she said it painful to untangle the hair.

Soooo... I asked her: "Do you want to cut your hair short like mei mei?"


"But with short hair, its not painful to comb. No need to tie."

This conversation was repeated for a few days when it finally drilled into her.

Yesterday I asked again and finally I got her to say "Yes."

Isabel never gave any fuzz about cutting her hair. I used to cut her hair when she was younger, but nowadays she wants to cut at Kimage, have it done professionally. I guess she don't trust her old man's sense of style any more.

I brought Ally along as a sample, and told the hairdresser to cut like the mei mei.

So now the two sisters looks like sisters.

Later when at home, she kept asking me to carry her to look at the mirror, want to see her new style. I guess it true when they say "爱美是人的 天性"
“Its human nature to want to be beautiful"

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Life's Like That

I have a neighbor, an old lady living by herself, but never kept to herself. Whenever she passes my door, she'll greet us and chat a bit, telling us what she bought for groceries, how she's cooking them. She's in her early sixties looking forward for her retirement next year, planned to do some traveling after that.

Recently she was diagnosed of cancer and was soon admitted to the hospital for a major operation... Poor thing, she used to be such a lively old lady, walks faster than me. But when I visited her at the hospital the other day, she looked so old, seems to have aged 15 years over night.

I guess that's how unpredictable life can be.

Bottom line is: Live life to the fullest, love and cherish people around you.


We saw this booth at a Children Fair promoting In-line skating lessons for kids. Isabel wanted to try. So we got for her the smallest skates we can find then strap her up and pushed her into the crowd of kids trying the lesson with only one young lady supervising them.

Mommy saw her struggling to stand up wanted to help but was waved off by the teacher saying the only way for her to learn is to do it by herself. My wife stared at her and forced a smile then reluctantly walked aside to join other parents to watch their children learn to skate.

After a while, I noticed Isabel kept looking back at us, she starting to panic as she watch other kids balancing and standing up while she's left kneeling on the floor.

Very soon the free trial lesson was over. I thought for sure Isabel would refuse to get into a pair of skates again. But instead, she asked to have a pair of skates of her own. I'm glad she's not having phobia of it.

Ally slept thru the entire lesson.

Monday, April 17, 2006

End of In-Camp

Nobody wants to admit, but I'm sure they feel the same way as I do. We all enjoyed ourselves throughout the period of in-camp. One thing is we all can put aside some issues from the outside and relax for ten over days.

Although the field training is uncomfortable with all the mosquitoes and ants all round, they bite where ever they find an exposed part of flesh. Sleep is almost impossible with them bugging me, so by the end of the 54 hours mission, I was really zombied.

But the best part of field training is the greenery, back to the nature, roughing it out. The great sunset behind the tree line as wide as the eyes can see, staining the sky into a brilliant purple.

The best of best parts is watching the sunset while standing in the field peeing into the bushes... ha ha.

Thanks to the wide coverage of Starhub Mobile, I'm able to call home to talk to my wife and Isabel everyday even if I'm out in the field with no house or building in sight. The fact that we are in the reservist training doesn't mean we are completely cut off from the outside obligations, life still goes on, business still goes on with or without us, so we keep ourselves updated by calling back to our office and home. Some of them has got pregnant wife at home due to deliver in weeks or days.

Come next year's in camp will be our last, everyone is excited about it, but at the same time will also miss it.

I know I will.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Half-Way There

This weekend is the half way mark of the entire training schedule. Next week will be even tougher.

For the past few days, it has been rather fun... meeting back the boys, but most of them are men now as they have progressed to be husbands and fathers.

Few things changed, many never changed...

Technology has changed, needless to say about the military technology, its ever advancing. I'm talking about the handphones they carry... Sadly, I know they they carry better handphones than they are displaying, everyone brought in their oldest, most antique phones they can find, rather than the 3G or PDA phones they use outside. One thing is the fear of loosing it, another is fear it might be damaged during the training.

The smokers just don't quit. Despite the warning labels and govt high tax on the cigarettes, there isn't any reductions in the number of smokers. Their habit never changed, whenever they walked pass a designated smoking area, they don't waste the chance to smoke. They also don't smoke alone, it seems to be a ritual or a male bonding thing for them. With a bit of swear words thrown in, the ritual is complete.

For the attitude of the people in there towards the whole process of training, 99% thinks its a waste of time, they rather be spending time with their children and family, or playing golf and going about doing their business... but deep down inside them they know that its necessary for all that we've been through, is for the stability of this nation's sound economic. They know that they know that they know, when the time comes for real emergency, they will all respond to the call to protect this great nation that our fore fathers have sweat and toiled to built.

ok, That's all for now, will continue when I come home next week.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Hi All, I'll be heading back to the jungle feeding the mosquitos for the few days. Back with the boys playing guns and painted faces... Reservist la.

Its a time when being a Singapore male is to step out and be trained to be ready for the unexpected. Of course I will miss my lovely wife and the kids, but its something that has to be done. Something that I have to complete... Also the incentives and extra cash after clearing the physical fitness test is a moral booster.

Anyway, I update here if I have the won't be long.