Thursday, June 16, 2011

Isabel 1st exposure to vegetarian food

Vegetarian Chicken Rice...

Mommy: Isabel what did you have for lunch today (Bel was in Church today attending some children workshop)

Bel: (paused for a while) I had vegetarian chicken rice and teacher told us the chicken meat is "fake" one.

Mommy: Is the food yummy?

Bel: I only ate the rice and the 2pcs of cucumber, I threw away all the chicken meat.

Mommy: Why did you do that?

Bel: I'm scare to eat them cos I thought maybe they were made of plastic since they are fake!

I almost fell from my chair when I heard her reply. Maybe, the children church teacher should have explain to them that the meat is make of glutton rather than they are "fake".

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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Conquering 1.6km

22 May 2011
It was like a usual Sunday morning and we were all up and ready to leave house by 7am. When we reached Padang, there was already a huge crowd gathering in the field.
Bel was scheduled to run at 7:45am for her category.

Bel seems nervous before the start of the race. We kept encouraging her to go for her best timing as this was only her first race.

Ally was also there to support her sister.

Ready... Get set... Go!

Isabel completed her 1.6km in 9 min 10 secs. Her best personal best so far. Well done!

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