Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Maid-less Days...

Ever since Ally was born, we have been hiring Domestic Helpers to help-out around the house.

I wasn't without my concern before we hired the first, but eventually the work and housework and the attention required on the young ones weighed down hard and I had to agree to have a helper.

Well now my current maid is taking a vacation back to home town for a couple of weeks... and for the first time in 8 years, we have no helper.

At first I was quite excited with the idea that I can now do housework!  Do it at my standard, which by the way is higher than any of the maid we've hired.  My toilets are cleaner, kitchen is neater... If I say so myself..

While my wife and the 2 girls had their escape planned, they went on a 5 days Chiang Mai trip.  Leaving me and Jared to fend for ourselves.

Without helper, without my wife, without the 2 girls, I had to wake up early to do the routine.  I thank God that Jared was very cooperative during these few days, no fuss no nonsense.  Of course I have a good nanny... she's 42-inch wide and speaks multi languages... She the LG flat screen TV..haha

Switch it on, Jared will sit still for at least 45 min while I quickly do my housework.

During their absence, I have the chance of becoming a single-parent.  It lets me experience the struggles to balance work and home.  It became clear that the 4 year old has become my only companion, the bond between us distinctively became stronger.

I picked him up from childcare on the 3rd day, while I was driving, Jared suddenly said:
"Daddy, I feel sad when you left for work this morning."
I asked "Why?"
Then he said "Because I love you mah."

That was something he has never said to me before.

I felt all warm inside...

Finally, today my maid is coming home.  Her plane will be landing in an hour's time.
I seriously hope she's in it. haha

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Jiahui said...

Ohhhh so sweet. I'm sure Xan would readily agree to more father and son DAYS in future! =)