Monday, August 28, 2006

My wife bought an almost new O2 Atom and started in explore with its endless possibilities. She compressed children shows and saved them into it... why?... So that its an entertainment for the kids on the go.

My younger princess is rather restless when we take long trips on the train, but now she can sit watch her favorite shows and stay quiet.

I've seen parents bring along a portable DVD player and set it on the table in front of their kids, in a restaurant and the kids glued their eyes to the set throughout the mealtime.

I really don't agree to that kind of table manners... no communication, no interaction... meal time is a very good way of learning the art of conversation and get to know family, they shouldn't let kids watch TV... on the table... *sigh...*

Eating well is important but exercising is just as important too.
Isabel is very good in hanging on the bar, she can almost do chin-up without assistance. I started training her when she was 3 months old, at 6 months, she is able to hang on to my thumbs for a minute... in mid-air.

But I was not able to train Ally as she had a heart operation when she was 2 days old. But some how she is almost as strong as the sister, just can't hold on as long as her.

I think I also need to workout again, this picture makes me a little flabby...

Anyway... I heard that letting kids walk on balancing beam help them to find their sense of balance... and Ally enjoy doing it too.

Next time I'll post those pictures of how I trained Isabel... not for people with weak heart :)


HOHOHOHO said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog. You seem like a very dedicated father. The world needs more fathers like you!

May the good Lord bless you and all the children in the world!

Flowsnow said...

You are indeed a very dedicated father and keep up the good work. I am sure your kids will be blessed. Nice blog will come back for more.

seefei said...

sometimes technology can be alienating if abused...refering to your comment on dvd player on table

Anonymous said...

I have seen parents propped the DVD player in front of their kids while having dinner in a restaurant. You're so right about the no communication and worse of all, it is so annoying to other patrons. I felt like smacking the parents on their heads.

LHS said...

Salute you! I'm so admiring those blogs that managed by daddy! What a dedicated daddy!

Mockingbird said...

Richard helps Ally to balance. Amazing. Isabel sure is no pushover, thanks to her superdaddy :)

ZMM said...

Your hair is really growing very fast huh?

I agree not to put on TV show during meal time as well. That's the time family should spend time and talk.

I try to make sure Zara eats with us every day during dinner time, even though it means she has to eat at 8pm. I want to cultivate that habit in her that dinner is family time. :)

seefei said...

hei brushing & dental hygience is good! lost a few teeth cos of bad dental hyg and management.
good that you cultivate that habit early in Isabel & Ally