Saturday, May 09, 2009

Waking up

As I have mentioned earlier, it has never been easy to wake Princess Ally in the early morning...

Even when she does get off the bed...



After much struggle, she finally puts on her uniform. But...

"I want to sleep..."

""I don't want to go school..."

I remembered how I dealt with Isabel when she was that age and needed motivation, I came up with a chart.

Using the same method, I drew a similar chart for Ally, letting her participate by letting her drew and colored on it.

The idea of the chart is to move the flower forward a step whenever she has been good and behaving in the morning, but move it back when she's not.

There will be rewards along the way when she reaches certain point of the track, if she makes it to the end of the track, a bigger reward will be given.

On the first day, she woke up with enthusiasm, brushed her teeth and sat at the dinning table waiting for her breakfast.
But the second day...

Mommy had talked to the school to see if its possible to let her change to the later session, after all, going to school should be a happy thing for her age. Really don't want to traumatize her now.

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