Saturday, May 23, 2009

Into My 30 weeks of Pregnancy

pregnancy cartoon

WoW...I have finally make it to my 30 weeks of pregancy!
Went for my routine check and also had a growth scan done yesterday, everything seems fine according to my Dr.

Baby is about 1.5kg now. Dr says he is slightly above average in terms of length.
Both Ric and I were thrilled to see baby on the screen... kicking and moving his lips.

As for myself, I'm having lots of backache especially at the end of the day.
Been affecting my sleep too.
Do any of you have any remedy or recommendation apart from rest and massage???


blurblur said...

Wow!! 30 weeks fast!

As for the backaches, I remember I used to lie on pillows (soft ones) and it seems to ease the backache alittle...hee..

Aces Family said...

D day will be here very soon..haha.

During my 2 pregnancies, i did quite a lot of Pelviv tilt exercises and it helps to relieve the back pain.

Also swimming helps to make your sleep better.


Rachel said...

ain't you excited that in less than 10 weeks, baby will be out!

Is it b'cos of your standing/sitting posture? Try swimming or just soaking in the pool, it takes away the weight and makes you feel better.

Ed or Edmund Tay said...

I am sorry...but i am a bit lacking in experience in this area.

But funny cartoon :)