Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Give me some space...

When the kids grow up, new sets of problems arise.
I'm pretty sure all parents know what I'm talking about.

I'm really sure that Isabel has out-grown those kiddy stuff... first, she no longer likes those Princess merchandise, she prefers a sling bag that has no girlish prints. Later than I found out that it was a trend among the kids her age that they all have sling bags. And it has to sling in a particular style...strap across the chest with the bag at the back.

She used to play cooking with her sister, but now likes to read alone. But her poor sister who worships her, still likes the company of the elder sister.

Sometimes when when she's bored, she'll bug her elder sister and look over her shoulder to see what she's doing. Tries to read her homework out load. This really bothers the later.

Isabel is learning to write journal, at the same time I introduced the idea of writing diary so she can even more freely expresses herself with words.
But because diary is something personal, she became very secretive abut the content and even more secretive about the location where she is hiding from her sister, This really really frustrates the younger one. Then they'll start to complain about each other.

Its interesting to watch them grow up, but its also difficult to solve problems like this...

I have to be fair to both and at the same time realise and give Isabel more respect as an individual.

I certainly can't force ideas into her anymore. A lot of explaining has to be done to guide her to think like us and be more attentive to listen to her ideas too.

At the same time, I have to be fair to Ally and distract her with other activities such as computer games and teaching her sign language.

Just part of growing up... me growing up.


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